Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm annoyed...

I'll share all my annoyed thoughts in the order they occurred:

First, we were having a conversation yesterday about the various groups one can join on Facebook (the "we" is unimportant...just a generic couple of people), when the subject of Sarah Palin came up. Now SP did not come up as a subject in a debate on policy or whether she might be ready and fit to be the VP, she came up because of the number of people who are expressing their physical attraction for her.

This came up in reference to her at the convention, and there are any number who are expressing that she is, in their opinion, a MILF. Let's just be clear, it's fine if you feel a particular candidate is a hottie, but the fixation on a candidate as a sexual object is completely offensive regardless of the gender.

Second, a new study came out which reaffirms that there is a genetic tendancy towards fatness in some folks. (I know you are shocked.) But there's good news...they've studied the Amish, and they've found that in as little as 3-4 hours a day of exercise, you too can overcome your genes. So, if you are Amish, or perhaps a construction worker, you're set!

Third, I came home to find my mail box overstuffed and a book that was delivered was all warped as a result. Hello! Mailperson! You can leave it on my doormat!

Fourth, in said mail, I received a letter from my company with an accompanying brochure from my insurance company. It seems that if I want to continue to opt for the current health coverage I have with my insurance, I am required to go online and fill out a "health survey." I am assured that this information will not be shared with my work, but is only to be used for prevention.

Why am I feeling suspicious and annoyed? Because the examples of questions they will ask pre-suppose a recent visit to your doctor (current blood pressure, lipids, blood sugar, etc), except for weight. You see, my insurance can and does know most of the things that are wrong with me, if I'm going to a doctor. Every time a claim is submitted, there is a ICD-9 code for a diagnosis attached. The only information they can't effectively get is my weight.

Now, why would they want my weight? Because they want to annoy me even more than they have been recently by trying to "educate" and "counsel" me on healthy habits. They already do this with my mental health. They know that I have had major depressive episodes and anxiety. They know I'm on medication and seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist. But somehow they've decided that their own internal counselors can help me manage my mental health. Sorry, folks, but you might notice that I'm getting all the help that I need and want.

They are, of course, worried about the idea that us fatties supposedly spend more on healthcare. Although, we don't really because we supposedly die sooner and it's those who live the longest who really rack up the bills in the end.

But I digress. I can guarantee you that the moment my survey is in, a letter and a brochure will be generated and sent out to me touting their new "healthy living" program. I'm guessing I'll get to consult with a dietician and have my own personal counselor telling me that losing weight (a treatment which has a proven failure rate of 95% over 5 years) is the way to stay healthy.

I have an idea: my insurance company should work on all of the middle aged men and women out there with a "mid-life crisis" prevention program. This would save millions of dollars in diagnosis and treatment costs caused by the stress experienced by partners and family. That's a program I'd gladly sign myself (and S) up for!


hippie chick said...

Wow those ARE so very annoying!!!

Planet Me said...

I'm furious at the way they think weight is the persons problem : they don't care that manufacturers load the food with cheap fatteners to make them a tiny bit more money.

Hyde said...

I can't stand half the things that are being said about Sarah Palin. Ugh! As for you and S-- hope that you are doing ok. :)


Cody Bones said...

She's not a MILF, she's a VPILF. There is a difference.

Sorry Spins, just trying to make you laugh again

spinsterwitch said...

Technically, Cody, it should be VPCILF...

Cody Bones said...

I know Spins, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue like Va-Pilf does. I'm sad, I know

Planet Me said...

Can I say that nothing makes me wilt more than a right wing fucktard? I was in bed with someone when she said "fuck me like a nigger" and well, it didn't last any longer than that.