Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog, blog, blog

Yesterday, I spent a little time hitting the "next blog" button that resides at the top of these pages. What a fascinating thing this blog phenomenon is. Here is a little of what I found:

Sections of people speaking somewhat esoterically about their choices in music or culture. They share blog space and seem to use it as a message board for their interest.

2 or 3 adolescent girls in various stages of gossip development. The tenor of these blogs revolved around how Becky likes Jimmy who really likes Becky's best friend Kayla. It gave me flashbacks to my early years, and I don't think I've yet recovered.

There were some amusing ones from people sort of like me...starting out, not really sure what to make of this yet, but grateful for an outlet of some kind. It seems like they really want their voices heard, even when it is just about the minutae of their lives.

The most fascinating was the one that made me most mad. It was a gentleman writing about his opinions about how liberals are ruining America. The discussion of the day was how Christians should respond to people who have a history of supporting a woman's choice to have an abortion, but then return to the church in good faith later. What fascinated me was the intelligence and the ability to find compassion (well, once the person had repented that is). I like to tell myself that the Religious Right is not smart and has no capacity for compassion...but that's not helpful. To demonize your opponent makes you blind to them.

Lastly, there were a number of non-English blogs. While I wasn't surprised by this, I guess I was surprised by the sheer number of the blogs.

All of this is a reminder of the multicultural experience of the web and of blogs in general. What a powerful means of expression.

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