Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday, monday

I was feeling more than a bit anxious this a.m. about going to work. I realized that the cummulative stress of the past two weeks has me feeling a bit jumpy. Of course, it doesn't help that some of the stress doesn't go away - just manifests itself into oh so new and awful situations.

Anyone have suggestions about stress relievers that do not include introducing chemicals into my body? Please keep in mind a limited budget...


sfbette said...

supposedly, some B vitamins work...sadly, i can't remember a one right now.

check webmd...i think they have - mostly - good advice.

writinginAK said...

I would NOT recommend playing computer games :) That's what I do at home when I'm overwhelmed by everything I'm supposed to be doing, and it pretty much just leaves me more stressed (should've given THAT up for Lent :) )
But for me, playing guitar, petting dogs or cats, a good laugh, going for a good outdoor walk (go to the Berkeley marina!), chopping things (ahem, vegetables, for example), journaling, and doing the things I'm avoiding all help at various times.
Tonight I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies ... does that count as introducing chemicals into one's body? LOL
good luck, friend!

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks for the's crazy how much this effects your body. Of course it doesn't help that allergy season is starting here in the Bay Area, so my sleep is not the greatest.

I get paid Friday and I might have to splurge on a hot tub!