Monday, March 21, 2005

Food Coma

I just had my soup, then downed a bag of microwave popcorn. Now I've got that yucky I've-overeaten-popcorn feeling, along with a feeling of wanting to nap for a few hours. Probably not the most brilliant lunch combo for me to have.

I have to admit to having a bit of a yen for a tropical vacation. I've never done tropical in my travels - and unless I win the lottery, I won't be this year, either - but I'm craving the sun and warm and silly drinks in coconuts with umbrellas. Strangely appropriate that I'm having this yen, as I'm meeting friends at the Tropix Restaurant this evening. Maybe I'll have a fruity drink there. I don't think it will be quite the same.

In seeming opposition to the tropical vacation idea...I'm also yenning for some good hockey. I watched the movie, Miracle, again last night. A fine film with lovely editing to make the hockey oh, so nice. But even more than that, I miss seeing the grace of those skaters as the crash each other into the boards. Let's all pray the NHL can get it's act together next year and actually field us some games.


writinginAK said...

ok, you DEFINITELY need to come spend more time with us in Alaska (uh, not so much to fulfill your longing for the tropics ... sorry!). You can see LOTS of hockey here. I've been watching a lot of women's hockey league games this year (and Erin was voted "best offense player" on her team! woo-hoo!). Her team is really fun to watch, though if you wanted to watch graceful hockey, you might want to watch a different league. *grin* Maybe one of these days I'll learn to skate and then I can play too...

spinsterwitch said...

Oh, hockey! I was shocked and apalled to learn that Berkeley doesn't have a college hockey team. They have field hockey, but that's not really hockey.

So okay, there isn't a lot of ice in the Bay Area, but really, it's like not having a basketball team.

sfbette said...

i know several women on great rollerderby teams, if you've got a yen for - um - alternative sports!

if only we'd known about rollerderby in college...think of all the petty Comstock girls we could have taken down!