Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Since having a car with an actual radio in (but no CD player - don't mourn, it would have been stolen by now, if I'd had one), I have discovered that I really like alternative music. It's what I've typically thought of as "boy" music...but as most of you know, I have an internal 14 year old boy that's been emerging over the past couple years.

Anyway! So I've started listening to the local alternative rock station, Live 105 ( http://www.live105.com ). They often feature local artists, and recently started playing this new group called Flipsyde ( http://flipsydemusic.com ). They are based in Oakland, which I love, and have a really eclectic mix of styles which appeals to me. There's hip-hop, accoustic guitar, latin, and a sort of ballad-y quality all moshed together into something really inspiring. They don't have a CD yet, but it is in the works from what I understand.

AND, I'm very excited because I will be going to see Green Day (another Bay Area contribution) in September with Hippie Chick and her partner, Bee Dragon.

Golly, I almost feel like less of a freak for having hip musical tastes. Or maybe I'm just a freak with cool musical tastes. That's probably true.

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Flash said...

I'm excited for you going to see Green day! "American idiot" rocked my world in a big way.
Incidentally, you SOOOO should watch Sean of the dead, a truly ace film.