Monday, May 02, 2005

Disney Disaster

So just when you thought it couldn't get worse than Euro-Disney, Mickey and friends will soon be emigrating to China and talks are in works for opening a theme park in India.

Now, China I can almost see. But there is something so wrong about the idea of DisneyIndia that I am forced to examine. It's not like the Indian world isn't fun-loving and slightly campy (rent a Bollywood flick sometime), but the juxtaposition of Disney against a backdrop of India just doesn't sit right. I guess I think of Disney as the epitome of the corporate take-over of culture. I hate to think of corporations moving into all the places that feel so different (in my mind) from America and creating an American "fantasy."

Crazy, disturbing...

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Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you! I guess that good old ethnocentric americanism is hard at work. Plus, maybe those great christian values will reach those spiritually empoverished nations. I think of it as the new crusade. (conspiracy theorist me?)