Saturday, June 25, 2005

Speaking of tattoos

So here it is. The circle part (the blue is a dog and the red is a serpent) are from a carving on a runestone in Sweden. The runes were carved in the body of the it would have been much larger. There is a runic conglomeration in the center of the circle which stands, roughly, for "Freyja guide me."

It's a great picture I think.


Flash said...


Aravis said...

I like your choice!

Anonymous said...

Very nice spinsterwitch! It suits you very well. I need to find more about those Norse deities, as I am very uninformed. I can't wait to see it in person!


Le moine perdu said...

like wick-eeed. I was carving this stick the other day, just practising carving, like, and doing runes cos they were sorta invented for the purpose, all straight lines and everything. And this guy comes round and says to me, 'Why are you making a magic wand?' (he's a druid type) and I said, I'm not making a magic wand, I'm just practising my carving. So he says, Why the runes then? What do they mean? And I said, They just mean.... [insert translation of poem]... and he said, Eh?? Then I had to explain to him that I just read them as an alphabet, and am a stranger to their mystical uses. But he kept the stick.

Nice tattoo. I have a rune on my forearm. It was going to be more, but I could never afford to get the rest done. Which is awkward when people ask me what it means... :)

spinsterwitch said...

Ibrahim - which rune is on your forearm? And where did you pick up your proficiency for them?

Le moine perdu said...

Dunno if you noticed from my blog, but I've kind of been obsessed with old languages most of my life... they were just the alphabet that Old Norse and Old English and all the northern Germanic langauges were written in before they adopted the Latin alphabet, all of which I've studied since childhood.

I've got the rune for 'M' on my arm.