Tuesday, July 26, 2005

First things first

I headed over to San Francisco after work and met up with HippyChick for dinner. We went to this very interesting vegetarian restaurant called Ananda Fuara. It's run by followers of Sri Chinmoy and has a really eclectic mix of foods on the menu. HC & I both had "Neatloaf" which was very nummy. We then wandered around by her work...we had a good time leafing through the vinyl's at the thrift store Out of the Closet, and then we went to a used bookstore where I, of course, bought two books (really, I have a problem).

Then it was off to the Fillmore. We got in, got drinks, then wandered around looking at all the old playbills and discussing which bands we would have wanted to see. The playbills, especially those psychadelics from the '60s and '70s, are beautiful. There was Janis, Aretha, the Dead, Jefferson Airplane...then more modern: the Stray Cats, B52s, Devo...then present: Counting Crows, White Stripes, Hole. It's just an amazing testament to music history.

We headed down to the floor...we hadn't been sure if there was going to be an opening band, and indeed there was - 2, in fact. The first, a little band from Wakefield, England (they told us several times) called the Cribs. They were great. Their drummer was amazing...I just wanted to eat him up. The second band, I had a hard time hearing their name...HC and I thought we heard the Stiff Tissues, but that doesn't seem quite right. They were just okay, which was somewhat annoying because it was a Monday night, getting late, and I wanted to see the Kaiser Chiefs.

They took the stage about 11 p.m. I don't probably have to tell you that they were amazing. When they played I Predict a Riot, the crowd just went off. They were filming the concert, so look for me in future Kaiser Chief videos (although I was a bit back and off to the side, so I probably won't be seen). I danced and bounced and shouted and waved my hands in the air. Sadly, I'm not 21 anymore and this morning I am a wee bit sore.

A really fun thing about the concert was the wide range of people who were there. There were a lot of older adults, some who were clearly chaperoning their teens, but others who were definitely there for the show. HC and I decided that our "cool" factor went up for the evening because we had stationed ourselves by these guys in their late 40s or early 50s. (I had announced to HC earlier that I am a geek....her response, "Your just now figuring that out?!")

We had to duck out after the first song of their encore because we both had to work today and the BART stops running at 12:20 a.m. We headed back across the bay and got my car. I drove HippyChick back home and, in the process, we learned that after midnight, apparently traffic laws no longer apply. I got home, took a shower, and hopped into bed...I have to say that 7:30 a.m. came way too quickly.

I had a weird dream last night, I dreamt I was driving over the Bay Bridge and there were pools of water, I hit one and started hydroplaning, then got stopped by really deep water. The cars and trucks behind me all got stopped and piled up and stopped all traffic. We all got out of our vehicles and crossed the bridge, then strangely broken into a See's candy store for chocolate. I'm too tired for interpretation this morning. It probably has something to do with sex (water, chocolate...), which is probably right since I seem to be back in heat.

And, lastly, I went to my favorite little coffee shop and got to find out that the cute coffee guy is nicknamed Demon. I guess he got it when he was 11 and it really stuck. So Demon it is, should I ever need to refer to him again (let's hope I do).

So here I go, trying to keep myself awake during work and clients tonight. But I'm floating on a happy wave today, so it'll all be good.


Flash said...

Excellent! You do know that Wakefield, England is my home city, dont you!
Hooray for the kaisers & hooray for you, spins!

Charby said...

I was gonna say did you know that Wakefield was home of Flash?
Very jealous that you saw the Kaisers by the way!!!!!

sfbette said...

wow! that's very, very cool!

i get to see the remaining members of the MC5 this friday -- super excited!

hope you're well...sorry i've been out of touch!

spinsterwitch said...

I did remember that Wakefield is Flash's hometown....I'd wondered if you knew the band, but it's not like I know everyone from Minneapolis.

Yay! bette is back!

MrMystic said...

I think you have been having quite the time lately. Keep it up and your wish will come true.

Fred said...

You youngsters...I'm in bed at 10:00 pm at the latest!

Sounds like agood night, though.

Moose said...

Sounds like a blast.

SwissToni said...

nice to see you getting out and about spins, I tell thee! When are you off to see the white stripes?


Bee said...

My recurring flood dreams must be infectious!

A lot of psychological boffins will tell you that water in dreams signifies sex, but then, if you believe everything Freud said, EVERYTHING in dreams signifies sex.

Kaiser Chiefs are pretty ace live. I've seen them 3 times recently and they've been excellent every time. Nice to see that they're doing well in the US - that doesn't happen very often for British bands these days!

spinsterwitch said...

ST - I got to see White Stripes on 8/13.

sunshine said...

I don't know any of those bands :(

I must really need to get out more... or read more blogs?

The only thing I knew for sure what you were talking about in there was See's chocolate. It was sent to my work by one of our customers and I must say it is awesome and worth stealing.

I'll try to catch up on all the twists and turns of you, one day soon.