Friday, July 29, 2005

“I wear my sunglasses at night”

I had a revelation last night that most people don’t realize that I am essentially blind without my glasses. I had an eye appointment, in which my eye doctor persuaded me to try “newer and better improved” contacts. I’ve had a spotty history with contacts and since glasses are pretty low maintenance, that’s what I’ve always opted for. Anyway, I was walking around with contacts on all afternoon and no one said anything. This was rather disturbing to me, as seeing my face without glasses is not even something I can do clearly (unless I’m wearing contacts)…so it’s always startling and takes getting used to. That no one else was noticing left me feeling unseen.

But then my colleague pointed out that she had noticed my glasses were gone, but didn’t realize what it signified. She was complimentary of my eyes. She tells me they sparkle…I immediately thought of Santa Claus…she said it was more like Dumbledore and we ended up laughing our asses off.

Random tangent: I am presently beginning to freak out that I am opening my private practice in a month. It is very exciting, and I’m not terribly worried, at least initially, with having enough income and clients, but the long-term being-my-own-business-woman type thing is a bit daunting.

Random tangent 2: I wrote this blog entry last night, and there was more to it. This a.m. I edited it because I was in a different emotional space. I’m getting DSL at home hopefully to start today, if the hardware comes in a timely manner, and I’m aware that this may change the shape of my blogging to have direct access.

Random tangent 3: As I get paperwork ready to transfer clients to my practice, I have them sign a release of information. One of the lines asks them to print and sign their names on the line. I’m just fascinated at who prints their name first, then signs & who signs, then prints their name. I know, I think too much.


sunshine said...

Congrats on the practice....had I read up on you like I keep saying I have to I might have know this info.

When I switched from glasses to contacts it was the same response. Some people just take you for granted as if you are always going to be there and don't notice when something is missing. Funny how they will notice if you are gaining/losing weight though. Or if you have a big fat zit. But the eyes, the focal point of the face go un-noticed.

Now I'm thinking too much.

Thanks! : )

Have a great weekend.

LavaLady said...

(not very talkative today)

Flash said...

Spins, that's really cool to be having your own business, really something, y'know?

I always print first.

Aravis said...

I sign first, and then print. *G*

I wear both glasses and contacts, though natuarally not at the same time. ;0) I have astigmatism, and finding contacts that correct for that and sit properly on the eye is difficult. What usually ends up happening is that if I wear contacts, I have to bring along reading glasses because the contact has shifted during the day and I can no longer focus close enough to read. Ugh. I still wear them when I'm dressing up and going out, though. I always feel more exposed without my glasses, somehow...

Congratulations on starting your own practice! Taking care of the business end yourself is certainly daunting. I've thought about starting my own business, and it is that which scares me. *G* I think it's natural to have fears when you're doing something like this, but you're a strong and amazing woman. You'll be wonderful! :0)

Lord Bargain said...

i'm with Aravis. Sign first, print later.

i like wearing glasses. I am clearly much more dapper and handsome in glasses than without.

(read: contact lenses hurt my eyes if I wear them for longer than a couple of hours).

and go, girl. i'd love to work for myself. Don't forget that Aravis knows Kevin Bacon in case you need any rich clients....

SwissToni said...

Oh Aravis - something else we have in common. I have an astigmatism and wear glasses most of the time because they are more comfortable. I am increasingly wearing contact lenses for sport and when it's nice weather (so I can wear proper sunglasses). Glasses are okay, but it was a revelation when I was brave enough to go swimming in my contacts. Amazing. I'd consider eye surgery to correct it, only I would never forgive myself if it buggered my eyesight up for good for what is essentially a cosmetic procedure.


Good luck and congrats Spin!


Charby said...

It still takes me a second look in the mirror to realise that I'm me, when I have my contacts in.. if that makes sense.
Im sorry, im gonna stop typing now, ive been drinking nad im gonna stop typing now.

Moose said...

Congrats on the practice! As for contacts, I can't wear them, they drive me crazy.

red one said...

Congratulations on getting DSL and good luck with having your own practice. Erm, it's the second one that's meant to make more of a difference to your life, isn't it?