Thursday, July 21, 2005

"I'm the Prince of BelAire"

Is that even the right spelling up above?

So here's the buzz...there was just a guy visiting our dialysis clinic who says that he is the site manager for a Will Smith movie and they are considering our unit for the site of a scene or two. There are, of course, other sites being considered, but he likes our site the best so far (I'd guess it's relatively private location and a big open parking lot would be very handy, in this case).

It's probably not something that I will even get to witness or be a part may not even happen...but still it's kind of fun to imagine, eh?

Something was filmed near my house in Berkeley years ago (when I still lived there, of course). I came home to find the street across from mine blocked off and the parking lot across the street filled with 2 huge costume and prop trucks. I never did find out what movie that was for.

Other than that I'm just trying to get reacclimated to work. Luckily, there's nothing urgent that's presenting itself.


Charby said...

Try and get yourself in the background, holding up a banner saying "Hello Charbs!"
You will have undying respect if you manage this task!

Moose said...

I'm just curious, how would that affect the operation of your clinic?

Flash said...

I so have to open a post with...
so here's the buzz.
and if accomplish that task I'm changing my name to Charbs

AJ said...

The filming of movies is a giant suckfest. You soooooo do not want your clinic sucked into its evil vortex.

Lord Bargain said...

anyone consider the possibility that this fella is not from a Will Smith movie at all but is perhaps a Mad Loonybin and is just casing the joint so he can steal all your hole punches or something?

spinsterwitch said...

Moose - they wouldn't allow any filming during clinic they'd pretty much would be relegated to Sundays.

Bargain - I had thought that, but while it would be hell to lose computers, I don't think that there's much of a market for hot dialysis machines and that's really the heart of the clinic operations.