Wednesday, August 03, 2005


That's what it's been like installing the DSL, but here it is up and running. Of course, I don't know that the next time I turn on my computer it won't decide that I need something else.

In the course of this whole thing, I bought my NIC and brought it home to install. Then learned I needed a Windows98 CD, which HippyChick and BeeDragon were only to happy to lend me. By the time I came back to the apartment to use the thing, my computer had decided it didn't need it (or the other theory we have is that it just wanted the CD in the same house, whatever). Then the DSL wouldn't connect and I realized I had the wrong jack, and it still wouldn't work. Then I turned off the computer and decided to reboot one last time. I prayed to the glow-in-the-dark internet saint sitting on my monitor before booting up, and it worked! Now if only I could remember the name of the saint so I could thank him properly.

Yay for DSL!


Flash said...

We call it broadband over her & it absolutely chuffing rocks!
I love it.

Aravis said...

*LOL* I went through something similar hooking up a friend's DSL. Glad you were able to get it working!

spinsterwitch said...

And then, this a.m., the computer wanted the Windows98 CD. But hopefully all should now be well.

I am pleased with how fast it is!

Ka said...

As a recent convert myself (after YEARS of arguing "I don't need the speed!"), the speed is highly addictive.

But, while my phone does technically still work while I'm online, the static is fierce even with the filters. And I'd get it checked but the bastards want to charge me $70 an hour to have a looksee. Whaddever.

Oh well. Can't always get what you want, and I most definitely have everything I need.

red one said...

It's St Isidore of Seville.

Patron saint of computers.

Says google. I'm an atheist myself.


spinsterwitch said...

Thanks, Red One, I'll be sure to leave a nice offering of tappas.

He's the patron saint of computers, comes from seville and glows in the dark. Isn't that awesome!

Mr Mystic said...

Internet Saint sounds good to me. Call him that.

Moose said...

Congrats on the DSL, it is so addictive (and useful). It sounds like the install sucked, but hopefully that is all behind you.

Aravis said...

Ka, forgive me if I'm off base. Just wondering if all of the filters are plugged directly into the jack, not on the phone end? and that all devices such as cable and/or alarms have filters? One of my friends had a filter in the wrong place and it screwed up her phones. I thought I'd offer up that possibility before you spent $70. Good luck with it!

Ka said...

Thanks Aravis! I'm pretty sure I have them all plugged in correctly because I had a big techno nerd helping me that day, but I'll have a look around and doublecheck. The $70 is not happening, regardless - I can handle a little snow, and can always turn off the internet (gasp!) if it gets annoying.