Saturday, September 03, 2005

Service interupted

So I have a monitor problem at home, which does not let me fix my current DSL problem...So I will not be able to blog at home and won't therefore be seeing you all again until Tuesday.

Peace and a great Labor Day to you all!


red one said...

I've always wondered about the US Labor day? What are the origins? Do you also have May Day (traditional workers' day in most of the world)?

Hope you enjoy it anyway!


MrMystic said...

May the absence be but a flicker.

Ka said...

Thanks for your note on my blog, Spin. It means more to me than you might realize.

I'll be back - can't keep a good egocentric selfish bitch down - once I figure out how to either a) post without fear of reprisal, or b) not care about any reprisals. Two nasty comments in the space of a month from friends is just a bit much to handle.

Have a lovely long weekend. And write some more poetry!

Fred said...

Have a great weekend!

Aravis said...

Red, May Day isn't celebrated here. It sounds like our Labor Day is its equivalent.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, spin!

the urban fox said...

Sounds like the equivalent of our late summer bank holiday, time-wise. Have a great time, Spin.

Moose said...

Used computer store.