Saturday, October 22, 2005

"And they gave me sticks and rocks and stars, and all that I could hold"

So anyone who still wants to participate in the little contest from the previous post, I'm going to close the contest tomorrow evening...then I'll consult with HippyChick on Monday and announce the winner on Monday evening (that's California time, folks). I'm still working on a prize...oh, I get to choose a topic for me to blog about.

Thanks for those who have participated so far. It's an interesting combo of ideas floating through my head. You all are very sweet. I actually tried to post a comment today, but for some reason it never showed up. Blogger is a mess sometimes, I swear.

Today has been generally a good day. I spent a fair amount of time at work, trying to get caught up on that charting. The door was closed, my headset was on, and I'm never in on a Saturday, but still the staff and patients found me several times. But there really was nothing I could do for anyone today - nothing's open on a Saturday.

I went for a walk at the Berkeley Marina after that. It was lovely and windy and I got to pet a Great Dane puppy (only 5 months and he was already a little bigger than a full grown black lab!). I also went to the bookstore and indulged in my particular vice...another vegetarian cookbook. This one looks really nummy and there's a section in back with "express" recipes. My kind of cooking is fast and good.

I watched the first 4 episodes of Lost tonight. I am enjoying it. I'm going to keep watching, if nothing else, I want to see that Japanese woman kick her husband to the curb (which seems inevitable).

Tonight I got flirted with again...well, that's the way I interpretted it, but it may just have been the nice server at the veg restaurant being friendly...but he's been friendly before. Hmmm...someone in blogworld once said that I was very perceptive, but this is a way in which I am horribly imperceptive. I never seem to be secure in the idea that anyone may actually want to approach me. And it's not like I've had the best of luck either.

Bleh...stop being maudlin Spins!

I've got a cookbook to read and a grocery list to make out.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday.


Cutie said...

Hmmm....after years of buying cookbooks for my cookbook addiction, I have finally learned to flip through them to read the recipes and look at the pics before buying a new cookbook. So, basically, my rules are...has to have great pictures of the finished product and has to have at least three recipes I would love to try!

Of course, I still have a whole bookcase full of cookbooks on every type of cooking.

Cook on, Spins!!


Lord Bargain said...

i think they're Korean.

[not that it makes a blind bit of difference]

red one said...

Best way to find out is probably to try a little flirting back :-)


MrMystic said...

Spinny there is an easy way to find out whether or not a person is flirting with you. Flirt Back!

I guess guys have an easier time of it because they think that any girl who is nice to them wants them. So chances are that if a guy is being nice to you he really likes you.

Sometimes you just have to make the first move yourself and never, never give up. Guys don't.

spinsterwitch said...

I feel like my flirting gets derailed by my downfall - I blush at the drop of a hat...then I get all giggly and generally feel like a 12 year old. (Back me up on the blushing part here, HippyChick and P'tit Loup!)

There's always the danger of flirtation with waitstaff/service people. It's a way to "grease the wheels" as it were, so I feel like my flirt-ometer is especially dead in stores or restaurants.

Although I'm always aware when service people are flirting with someone at the same table with me, and not me.

Anyway, I did sort of flirt back in the blushing, giggling, 12-year-old girl way.

Hyde said...

Sometimes blushing and giggling can be flirtatious in and of themselves, don't you think?


Hippy Chick said...

actually, i've never noticed you blushing - but i know you get red when you drink :)

spinsterwitch said...

HC - you've never seen me blush?! must have been B who asked about what my client's say about me blushing.

P'tit-Loup said...

I think I have seen the blushing part, and I know I do the same when I try to be funny to folks I think are cute. The redness with alcohol definitely, I have noticed. But I think it gives you a charming glow rather than just blush.

shadow51 said...

Yay, another Lost fan. Very exciting. Have been hooked on Lost from the beginning. Let me know what you think as you go along. And, yes, they are from Korea. You might have recognized the husband, Daniel Dae Kim, from his evil lawyer time on Angel. And, BTW, pay attention to all props. Everybody has their favorit characters. You might have guessed that Sawyer is mine.

SwissToni said...

how did I miss this? Not making a blind bit of difference if they are Japanese or Korean? Thus writes someone with the full backing of western ignorance behind him! They are tow cultures with an intertwined history and a lasting mutual hatred. To dismiss them, as you effectively have, as the same thing is deeply ignorant and insulting of you.


(and don't be giving me any crap about you meant it didn't matter from a plotting point of view... that's no bloody excuse)


SwissToni said...

"two" cultures... not "tow cultures", which I suppose is at least better than "toe cultures".