Friday, October 07, 2005

I am wholly uninspired this a.m. I think on the whole, I've been pleased with my blogging this week and I do have a post that I need to write for tomorrow, which has been much on my mind.

So this is just a weekend update. It's going to be quite the social whirlwind, let me tell you.

Tonight, I get to go to a reception for the Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) Board. In it's own right, not terribly exciting (beyond the free food and wine), but it's being held at the Lutheran Seminary in the Berkeley Hills. If I time it right, I should get there in time to climb the tower and get an awesome sunset view of the bay. If it works out, I'll definitely post the picture here.

Tomorrow, I have no clients, which means I get to sleep in. I'll be spending most of the day doing paperwork and housework. Then in the evening, I'm going to dinner with B, after which we will go to HippyChick's and BeeDragon's for a party they are having to celebrate the completion of their housepainting. I have to remember to return HippyChick's White Stripes CDs!

Sunday, I have a small group meeting with members of my church in the afternoon (I don't actually go to church anymore, just this small group)...then in the evening, I'm going to the LVC volunteer house to lead an orientation session with FriendITease. FriendITease and I were housemates during my second LVC year.

Then I will come home and collapse in exhaustion.

Hope you all have good Fridays!


Hippy Chick said...

Yay, white stripes! ;)Also, Spin my friend, I am counting on you to help me get the party dancing at some point :)

red one said...

Have a good weekend, Spin. I'm seeing some friends on Saturday... and that's all I've been energetic enough to organise.*


* organise=wait till my mate S rings up and asks me round. Say yes.

Aravis said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!