Monday, October 24, 2005

"When I look in the mirror the only one that's there is me"

I just have to share that I am so glad to have Monday behind me. It was anxiety-ridden, for nothing more than the fact that my workplace is in some serious transition.

So I headed out for Italian food with ExecutiveDirector. We shared horror stories and enjoyed a glass of wine with our very rich dinner. It was a nice way to unwind.

Then, of course, it was back home where I danced off some additional nervous energy before HippyChick called.

We deliberated seriously for a bit before settling on a winner for the little contest. Before I announce the winner, I do want to give props to HC for not only assisting in this process, but coming up with her own unique take on me. I've never been compared to Winona, even in this remote way, before. It's pretty amusing and I will be revisiting these characters in the future.

I have to admit that our process was somewhat limited as a few of the character and movie references were a bit more obscure than our pop-culture backgrounds were prepared for...particularly Mystic & P'tit Loup's references to D.H. Lawrence movies. Still, I feel like we sorted it out quite well in the end.

And the winner of the grand prize is Swiss Toni with his combination of Galadriel, the Oracle (I do bake cookies, by the way) and Amelie. Not only was this somewhat confirmed by P'tit Loup's comments in said posting, but when I was mentioning it to ExecutiveDirector this evening, she immediately jumped on that choice as well.

So, ST, your prize is the privilege of choosing a blog topic for me to take up this week. Drop me an e-mail or post it in the comments, and I will take up the topic as soon as I can.

I have a few blog-cleaning tasks to do now.


Aravis said...

Congratulations ST! :0)

SwissToni said...

Thanks very much. It's a great honour. It's actually very hard to do this, and I'm pleased you like what I came up with! (actually, as someone else pointed out, makes you realise how few strong female characters have appeared in popular cinema... and I'm afraid you just don't remind me of Ripley from 'Alien' at all (that's how I see Di from suburban hen house, actually, if she ever asked)

Thanks for the congrats, Aravis... actually, that reminds me ---- aravis won my bookshelf competition a couple of weeks ago, and although she is taking me up on my offer to make her a compiliation CD (which I still haven't done - sorry Aravis!), she bequeathed to you the honour of naming a post with a title of your choice round mine sometime. Drop me a line with a title (in the house style) anytime you like and I'll work it in.

As for topic. Hm. I'll think on it and get back to you.

And weren't you going to have a go at telling us who were are?


spinsterwitch said...

Wow, I get to name a Swiss Toni post...I'll have to find something memorable. And thanks for passing on that honor Aravis.

And I did the "reveal" of who I think of myself as in the previous post (decided to go with it early)...Eowyn - because she's single, strong, compassionate, and a destroyer of Ringwraiths.

the urban fox said...

I think Swiss's choices were great, but I take issue with the fact that you have to select a character of the same gender as the person you're trying to represent. I seem to remember choosing Niobe for him without meeting too much resistance, for a start.

spinsterwitch said...

Actually, P'tit Loup picked a male character for me.

red one said...

er, who's the Oracle? Obviously they must be quite nice if they bake cookies... But the only Oracle that springs to mind is the one at Delphi - who I'd never seen as a cookie baker. Maybe it's just me.


P'tit-Loup said...

Wise choice my dearies, and congratualtion ST!

spinsterwitch said...

Red - the Oracle is a character in the Matrix movies. She bakes cookies.

I suppose I could also be a bit like the Oracle at Delphi...sometimes my clients think I'm speaking in riddles.

Aravis said...

Thanks ST; whenever you've got time.

Spin- you're welcome. I only won by 1 point, and as one of my correct answers came from copying one of your responses, I felt it only fair to share. :0)

Lord Bargain said...

Lord of the bleeding Rings again.

can we not have characters from any other films?

*rolls eyes*

spinsterwitch said...

Um, you mean like from Star Wars?

*rolls eyes right back*