Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"And if you go, I wanna go with you"

I came home tonight feeling pretty wound up...watched some tv, then put in the System of a Down CD to blog to. I thought that the music would help because it so matches my mood. Then over on Lava Lady's page, I read her post on hope, and realized that I'm feeling a bit hopeless and alone tonight (gods, Spinster! Not again!).

Then it dawned on me: B sent out her e-mail announcing that she and her hubby got their house in Oregon. She'll most likely be gone by mid-March. I've called her twice to tell her how "happy I am for her." And I want to be, really. But I'm not. Really.

And how ironic that I should have this realization just as I hit Lonely Day on the CD.

I know, I know, I should be grateful. I could be stuck in some roadside shelter in the middle of Nebraska with no heat in the middle of a horrific blizzard.

Look, here's a pretty picture:

(none of you have been getting the joke of my "pretty pictures" so I'll let you in on it. there is a radio commercial for cell phone minutes where a woman is pointing out the discrepancies in the contract, and finally, at the end, unable to give any answer that doesn't make him look like an ass, the service rep exclaims, "Look! There's a puppy!" It makes me laugh every time...probably because I would look.)


Alecya Giovanni said...

Sorry to hear you are down, Spins. {{hugs}}

I love the joke. And the pictures,

the urban fox said...

A hug from me too. Hope a puppy does wander past to distract you from your sad mood.

Mark said...

someone said my band sounded like System Of A Down.

Lord Bargain said...

puppy? eh? what? slightly confused!! (no change there, then)

hope you feel a bit brighter soon, dear Spin.

Mr-Mystic said...

A smart good looking chick like you feeling alone.... I don't know....I must be missing something somewhere.

red one said...

oh, I hate it when friends move away. Lots of sympathy and another hug, Spin.


Flash said...

C'est la vie, mon cherie!

I am still reeling fromù Funny Dance moving away!

It is never goof!

Moi pissed, pardo,n!!

Aravis said...

Spin, I'm so sorry that your friend is moving away, and that you're down.

Take a look in the mirror. Now there's a pretty picture, but not half so nice as the person herself.


Fred said...

Oh, now I get it! Sorry you're losing such a close friend.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks for all the sweet words. I think I just didn't let it sink in until just before I started writing the post, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have a little more perspective today.

Mark - I didn't know you were in a band.