Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"And a beer in a tree"

Okay, I know I shouldn't feel vulnerable about the lack of responses to my article below, but now I do. Especially because it feels like one of the better ones that I've written. It has a constructive, hopeful look to the shit I've been going through lately. But then I shouldn't be shocked since I know how much I love listening to someone who's persistently depressed talk about how they are persistently depressed. But there it is. I tried not talking about it for a long time and it just got worse. At least this way...oh, whatever, I'm just persistently irritable, too.

Between my father, who hates Christmas, and me, it's going to be a joyful time at the Spinster's family holiday, I say.

I truly did have a less insane feeling day for the most part.

Tonight I went to see Brokeback Mountain with Executive Director. Good movie, but I really should pick something lighter these days. Still, I recommend it to you all. Heath Ledger really does do a stellar job with his character. He so reminded me of a great-uncle I Iowa farmer - didn't say much and had that quiet, repressed way about him. Actually, his character speaks to the midwestern character quite a bit, in general (even though he's from Wyoming).

Tomorrow I should be posting another "least favorite" movie review. Maybe that'll help boost the comments a bit (although given the holiday weekend, maybe not). I gotta wonder, will I be the lone blogger out here this weekend?

I'm debating whether or not I should sleep Thursday night at all? I have an airport shuttle coming to pick me up at 3:15 a.m. It hardly seems worth it.

I'm done rambling tonight.


Aravis said...

I loved your article, and I'm looking forward to seeing Brokeback Mountain, all the more so as you liked it.

Keep writing it out what you're feeling Spin. I suspect it helps to get it out, and reading your words helps me feel less alone with my own depression. I never tire of reading someone who is sharing honestly; please don't stop.

I'll be blogging this weekend too, so you won't be alone in cyberspace. As for sleep, perhaps it's best to wait until you're on the plane to take a nap if you don't think sleeping ahead of time is a possibility. Then again, that fuzzy numbness that comes with sleep deprivation might be just the thing for dealing with family!

SwissToni said...

it's definitely getting quiet around blogworld at the moment, but I'll be around.... you keep blogging what's on your mind spins, and I'll be here to read it.


Bee said...

True, nobody's commenting much at the moment. Too busy decorating trees and fighting other shoppers for the last ActionSpin doll in the shops, I suppose!

I'm sorry I didn't say anything about your article. I thought it was very beautifully written.

Here's hoping you get through Christmas unscathed, and that 2006 brings you all sorts of good things!

Back next year, Spin. See you then.

Bee x

spinsterwitch said...

As often happens, sleep helps the mood for a brief period...or I should say I'm usually not obsessing over the same things when I wake up in the a.m. as when I go to bed at night. So please forgive the introductory rant up above.

Mr-Mystic said...

I think if you look around everyone's comments are down. It is that time of year. A good Jim Carey comedy might boost you up, how could anyone not laugh at that goofball?

Spinny I don't do bad movie reviews. But if you ever do favourite movie reviews I'm your man.

Alecya Giovanni said...

hey spins. I didn't comment, because I was unsure if the whole "I like it that was nice, merry christmas" might get old after 10 or so people posted it.

I did enjoy it though, and I hope your trip home is nice. I'll look forward to hearing how you are going.

Sednign you lots of Yule TIme Love-

spinsterwitch said...

AG - yeah...I'm feeling a bit sheepish about my reaction from last night, so no worries for you or anyone else.

LavaLady said...

You will not be the lone blogger, Spins. As much as I'd like to think otherwise, I need to blog to keep my head together, and I'll hopefully have some great pictures to share...

the urban fox said...

Only just read it, as I have been non-bloggy for a few days, but did enjoy it.

I'll hopefully be blogging this weekend too, so there will be a few of us. Typing will help burn off that third helping of chocolate yule log, or at least that's my reasoning.

P'tit-Loup said...

I just love the CD Hippie Chick made of very wierd christmas song, the Great White North twelve days of christmas that only ends up being 8 days was particularly funny (a beer in a tree, two turtle necks, 3 pounds of back bacon, or was it four pounds of back bacon?). Sorry the holiday tizzy as kept me away from the computer, but over the week-end I will have some down time, and the pager permitting (yes, silly me, I am on-call for xmas) I will catch up on blogging and even, post!!!!

Seeing as your dad hates xmas and you are not too sure yourself of what to make of it this year, I feel again the parallel family universe we seen to inhabit when I go visit my sis next week end and we can have conversation I have avoided for the last five years! Haaa! Happy Family Disfunctions Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spin, hope you made it to the icy tundraland with little or no hassle. I'm in our Venetian suite right now where we have a view of the Mirage lava fountain across the street. So far we haven't harmed Bee Dragon's parents. we're in this "special" new tower where there's a ton of security and it takes awhile to walk to the special elevator. so very very special ;) I better see some celebs for all the security here! If I want I can also order some caviar for $150 and oz. woo hoo! Wish me luck so I can pay off our loans and buy you a house :) Hope things are well with you and the family! Bee Dragon says hi too.