Monday, December 05, 2005

"Do you see what I see?"

I, personally, cannot see my blog tonight. I also can't see other people's blogs on the blogspot server, so I'm thinking they're having some pretty big problems. It's weird. It almost feels like I'm blogging in the dark.

It sounds like Britain has some good news on the queer front. They've finally started officially recognizing a same-sex unions. It's strange because as I was reading it I thought, but we have similar laws here. The difference of course being that federal benefits and laws (like inheritance laws) are being effected in the UK, whereas in the states it is state-by-state and no federal benefits are recognizing same-sex unions yet.

Several of you asked for I did general readings for you. If I've missed any, I appologize but I can't see my blog right now and I'll hopefully catch them tomorrow.


Past - "Unity" reversed - there is too much focus on the differences preventing you from moving forward. A need for healing of attitudes - look for the commonalities. There has not been enough reaching out to others.

Present - "The Glanconer" reversed - Someone is pretending to be something they are not. They may even believe it themselves. There is a need for care here because when someone faces their true nature (or believes their facade to be torn away) they can become volatile.

Future - "Epona's Wild Daughter" - This is all about working through the darkness...taking a journey into the shadow side of your soul and coming out transformed.

Interpretation - although I was thinking of you, I really think that this reading is about your sister. It just seems to fit...she has seperated herself from everyone and has not been reaching out for help. She is desperately clinging to ideas about herself that are false. But there is the possibility of transformation, if she can tolerate the unveiling of her true self and face her darkness. It seems so simple really, but we know that it is not.


Past - "Unity" - This is all about cooperation and togetherness on a practical and a spiritual level.

Present - "Ta'Om the Poet" - The spirit of playfulness and creativity. Someone with boundless energy and the need to "do" something. A writer...this indicates a very creative period.

Future - "Arval Parrot" reversed - Trouble with communication, missing e-mails, misunderstandings. It seems like the card in this position is indicating a personal "mercury in retrograde" experience.

Interpretation - I get the strong impression that this is all about work (but it may be about the blog too). You are coming out of a period of feeling really connected to others and are in a creative groove where everything just seems to be falling into place. You have energy. You have drive. You have the ideas. It's all good. But just beware that around the corner could be some annoying issues with getting those ideas out (as wonderful as they are). These shouldn't last, and they don't feel destructive - just aggravating.


Past - "Singer of the Chalice" reversed - A lack of trust. A lack of joy. Hope is also missing. There has been an inability to let these feelings in.

Present - "Singer of Connections" reversed - Something feels blocked in your ability to be open to other people. What is your grounding these days? How are you in touch with your empathy?

Future - "G. Hobyah" - Suspicion, fear. A need to confront fears that are buried deeply.

Interpretation - These cards have the potential for looking at our darker nature. This reading feels like someone is taking a sledge hammer to drive a point home. The issues coming up in the past and present positions feel like they may be buried...and the future is what they can blossom into if they are not dug up and exposed to the light. I don't have a sense of what or who this may be in relation to.


Well, that was fun. Now if only I could have my blog back!


Aravis said...

Thanks so much for that reading, Spin! I think you're right; it felt like it was about my sister, or perhaps my relationship with her. Given the amount of time and energy I've spent on her, it doesn't really surprise me that a general reading of me would key in on that.

I appreciate it! :0)

Oh, and the first part of the day some Blogger sites were down. The second part, those sites were up and other Blogger sites were down. Must have been working on the servers.

spinsterwitch said...

Aravis - I thought it made sense also given that the last 2 posts I'd read were about your sister. She was probably on my mind when I was thinking about you to do the reading.

I'm glad the blog is back up. It's so strange having it be down.

I'm feeling unaccountably sad tonight...for those of you not interested in Too Much Information, now would be the time to turn away...

I just want to bleed, damnit! Life would be so much happier for me, if only for a week or so. Damned hormones!

SwissToni said...

am I too late to have a go? Sorry - I've been away for a little bit and otherwise engaged.... but I'm back now....

You ok?


red one said...

Spin, Blogger was down for scheduled mucking about with the servers. I've found that even when sites don't load, the main website will open and often has an announcement confirming the downtime and how long it will last.

I couldn't get into your blog last night, but it is all there now - interesting tarot readings.

Sorry about the hormone misery. Evolution clearly has some stuff still to sort out, hormones and tendency to bad backs included.


shadow51 said...

You can do readings from far away? I didn't know that. Do me, do me!

shadow51 said...

Sorry, got too excited. Let me rephrase.

If you would be so kind as to do a reading for me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

spinsterwitch said...

ST & shadow51 - I'll have a reading for you tonight.

And ST - I'm fine...just PMS-y (but that problem should end any day).

Alecya Giovanni said...

Spins, thanks for teh reading. I appreciate it. I know what it is talking about so...anyway. *shakes head* Can't let it go sometimes, you know?

Sorry about the hormones. I hope (in an odd way) you get to it quickly. You'll feel better. Eat some cookies, it always makes me happy. :)

Fred said...

I was going through withdrawal symptoms last night. That's why I'm blogging at work today (shhhh). I need to get my fix.

Hyde said...

I want a reading too! Too much time away from the computer this weekend. I was not happy with the blogs being down yesterday either. I finally sat down to catch up on Monday evening and was denied my pleasure. At least it's all up and running again today.



the urban fox said...

Wow, that's fascinating stuff, Spin. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it. Aces.

Hope you're feeling better today. Glad your blog is back where it belongs too.

Aravis said...

I hate when PMS hits! It's a good time to indulge yourself though. As long as homicide isn't on your hormonal To-Do list, that is. *G*

Feel better!

Charby said...

I wanna go! Plleeeeeease Spins!?

Ice-cream or peanut butter on toast is my ultimate cure for everything PMS related.

*nods wisely*

spinsterwitch said...

It seems I'll have a few readings to do tonight. I think I'll need a chocolate chunk cookie for sustenance!