Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Who am I to disagree?"

It seems like the less angsty I am, the less comment-y you all are. So I'll start out with a bit of angst: Foxy, whom I greatly respect and admire, posted today about an individual and her opinion of his alleged actions. It is bold and beautiful Foxy at her finest. But there were parts of the post and responses that were making me uncomfortable. So I posted my departures in opinion clearly and boldly back.

Immediately after posting my last comment, I felt anxious. A small voice (okay, a really pretty prominent voice) inside me started agitating for me to e-mail Foxy or post another one, softening my opinion on the matter. But I have not. I've practically had to sit on my hands not to, but I haven't. Because I want to fight that fearful child that is throwing a tantrum in fear that because I am standing up for my beliefs, I will be left alone and unloved. It is horribly unproductive to think this way, and all the fear leaves me with is a sense of unacknowledging of who I am.

Spinny's breaking free, I tell thee! Breaking free! And look out world!

Okay, on a more amusing note, I have found the diagnosis for me. Doctor's dictate history & physical reports for their patients. A standard part of this is the list of "problems" the patient has. Today I read one with its requisite number of unintelligible medical diagnoses, then this: "Peculiar behavior disorder." I had more than a giggle about that.

No dreams to report from last night. But I do have 2 questions for all of you who are attracted to women: 1) How many adult women do you know who blush? 2) Do you find it sexy?


Aravis said...

Peculiar behavior disorder? I can think of a lot of people who suffer from that! *LOL*

writinginAK said...

Let's see ... my gf and I both blush. She says that when I blush, it's "charming." She blushes a LOT more than me, and I think it's adorable. Plus it's just fun to make her blush. I don't know that I'd say sexy, though (but heck, we'd probably both enjoy being around people who *do* think it's sexy!)

Anonymous said...

At least 10, and YES

the urban fox said...

Spinnyspinspin, please never ever feel like you can't stand up and shout boldly when you disagree with something, anything. You must.

It certainly doesn't make you any less lovable, that's for damn sure. It makes you someone who has the courage to say what they think, which is a GOOD thing. The fact that you were ambivalent about doing it is proof of what a sweet person you are, but it's great that you decided not to soften your view in the end. It's your opinion and it's valuable for that reason. It deserves to be heard.

So please always, ALWAYS say what you think on my blog, I beg you. The full unedited version. Shout and rage if you feel inclined. Set me straight when I'm wrong or out of line. I would want nothing less.

And besides, how dull would it be if we all agreed 100% of the time?

So put your anxiety in a lead-lined box and bury it, and throw all your feisty opinions my way whenever the mood takes you. You are always most welcome to do that.

Matt said...

Be you Spinny, that's why I come around (albeit less lately).
As for blushing, I've never thought about it, but I imagine it's cute.

cutie said...

Well, I'm not into women, but I am a woman, and I blush very easily. I find it annoying, but others have told me it's cute. I can only think of one man who told me it was sexy....does that count??


Alecya Giovanni said...

Hooray for Super Spinny, boldly commenting as she never has before! [seriously, its good you're coming out of your shell]

As for the women, I think it is delightful if a woman blushes, especially if it is in response to a compliment you have given her. I know several women who blush and it always makes me smile when they do.

I blush, terribly, all the way up my cheeks. If I am particularly embarassed or flattered it will go across my shoulders too...

Has someone made you blush, Spinny?

P'tit-Loup said...

I usually blush when I feel turned on, rather than embarrassed, but then I get embarrassed for blushing which does compounds the problem. I guess I don't notice others blushing as much as I notice my blushing, so I can't quite comment on that part of the question.