Friday, March 17, 2006

"Everyday is a winding road"

Today has been rather up and down...

It started down - I was hurting because I spent too much time last night playing solitaire on the computer, and my computer desk is not ergonomically correct. Also battled my lovely insecurities.

It crept up a bit - went to my chiropractor and got adjustments, so I'm not so much in pain. Then I went shopping for champagne for mimosas for my brunch party this Sunday (housewarming/birthday). I also found the wackiest magnets for party favors!

It took a sharp turn for the better - when I moved on to Good Vibrations. Shopping in this store always makes me happy.

Then it went a notch or 3 down - to the therapist I go...only this week the session was not so intellectually fun. In fact, my brain took a back seat to my earlier insecurities. No better place for that to happen I suppose, but it's never fun.

Then back up - I had client sessions and some things that happened made me feel like I really was doing good work. Welcome back confidence.

Then coming home, I'm stuck feeling both sad and happy: B got a job offer and is giving her two weeks notice on Monday. She will be taking me to the airport on April 1st and that is the last time I'll see her for awhile. I'm happy because she wants to be moving on, but I'm sad because I will miss her.

I suppose I should note, for clarification, none of these ups and downs were terribly severe - although leaving Good Vibes, I had a bounce in my step and a grin on my face (even though I didn't come out with one of the things I'd planned to buy).


spinsterwitch said...

P.S. I saw the best bumper sticker today: "I never thought I'd miss Nixon!"

Aravis said...

*LOL* That's a great one, Spins!

I'm sorry for your sake that B will be moving on.

As for your insecurities, you were recently very kind to me during my own bout with the nasty things. So allow me to tell you that I find you to be incredibly compassionate, funny, intelligent, insightful, creative and beautiful. Whether you're up, down or indifferent I look forward to reading your blog posts and your comments, here and elsewhere, every day.

Now, enjoy those mimosas and your party this weekend! :0)

MrMystic said...

You have to start thinking intimate relationship.

You seem to be able to handle the problems that come your way quite well.

Now it's time for an adventure.

Hyde said...

Your shopping has inspired me to do some shopping of my own. ;)