Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would smell as sweet.

To finish the phrase from the last posting!

I don't have much time this a.m., but I wanted to share this...Sometimes, when I get to work, I'm greeted with the un-welcome sight of an ambulance and paramedics. This morning, an equally un-welcome sight (one that made me say, "Oh! That can't be good!") sat outside the front door of work - the Roto Rooter truck. We have quite a lake that's developed in our back hallway.

Okay, I'm off to a very full day of work - I'll try to stay dry.


the urban fox said...

Yikes, that's not good. Stay out of the lake Spins!

Aravis said...

I now have the Roto Rooter jingle dancing through my brain. *G* Are you dry, or should I send a canoe?

Flash said...

There's a jingle too?!

Hyde said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Since I've been sick, I haven't been making the rounds. Hope you have a good day!


Aravis said...

Flash- yes. It goes something like:

Roto-Rooter, that's the name
And away go troubles, down the drain

And now it's stuck in my head again! *LOL*