Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brief stop in London

I'm back in London just outside Covent Garden...I only have a few hours here before I'm headed on the train out of town to meet Mark and Xander and Ellen. And hopefully, their bunny and cat as well.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Yesterday I caught the train to Nottingham and was met at the station by Lord Bargain. We popped around to a pub (in a converted church with gorgeous stained glass) to wait for Swiss Toni. Once we were all gathered, we headed for a guided tour of the caves under the city center. It was a bit contrived, but the guide told a good story. And I was heartily amused by a 6 year old who liked to be as contradictory as possible. Now, I'm aware that if I'd had to spend more of my day with him I probably wouldn't have been so amused, but he just seemed like a funny, eccentric kid to me.

We headed up to the castle after that. It really is more of a museum displaying different curiosities that have been donated to the cause. There was a Miu (a mummified cat from Egypt often placed in graves for good luck to the deceased). There was an amulet with a birds head hanging from the middle of it. There were pots, and keys, and little other bits of odds and ends. In the basement there was an interesting display laying out the history of the city up to present day.

We headed out for dinner at a cute little veg restaurant, Squeak. C joined us for dinner. She is lovely and sweet. The big controversy at dinner was whether LB would be required to wave hello (or even pop in) every time he walked past his friends' kitchen windows on his way home or to work.

It was a fabulous time...I don't have enough superlatives to describe all three of these people. I felt instantly comfortable with them and welcome in their circle. I stayed with ST & C for the night, then LB dropped me around to the train station this a.m.

And now I should shortly be off. I have to find some lunch, then recheck in to my hotel, then I'm off on another blogger adventure.

Trivia for today: On this day 36 years ago, a little girl took her first breath on 11:57 a.m. (central time). That little girl is me. According to my baby book, my father's response was "I owe my wife an apple pie!"


Lord Bargain said...

happety happety birthday, my dear.

Hope you have a nice birthday tea!

shorty said...

Happy Birthday Spins!

Many Many More

Hyde said...

Yes Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you certainly had a great way to celebrate it this year.

Aravis said...

Happy birthday Spins! What a wonderful way to spend it! :0)

Charby said...

I've been to the castle and under the caves too!
I hope they took you to the Robin Hood Experience or at least to the groaning loo's in the Pit and Pendulum!

Happy birthday!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday hon.

Matt said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Spin! You are the cat's pajamas!
xo shinything

writinginAK said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear! What a marvelous place to spend it, and with such delightful company!

ok, apologies in advance, but I think my word verification is a Cockney version of the supposed shortest verse in the Bible ...


sfbette said...

happy birthday! it sounds like you're having an amazing time -- i'm so happy for you!!! (and aren't those sandwiches the best???)