Sunday, April 16, 2006

"No man can be my equal!"

Sorry about the lyric, but I've spent the morning watching Highlander, the tv show, on DVD. So I've now heard that Queen song about 12 times. That show is so cheesy and 80s that I love it! Last night, the history channel was chasing after all the books dating back to early Christianity that didn't make it into the bible. Pretty cool. Oh, I love weekends where I do nothing but watch television. I'm also aware that I'm hiding out a bit, as tomorrow I'm back at work for the first time in awhile.

I don't do much to celebrate Easter these days, but I did buy an Easter lily. It really brings back memories of Easter services when I was still going to church. You see, you could purchase a lily in someone's honor or memory, and it would be placed up at the front of the church throughout the Easter services. It filled the whole sanctuary with the smell of lilies. Easter was always a powerful service, and my family would always go to the sunrise service. The church would be dark and quiet and the smell was so sweet. When the time to start the service came, black robed figures would march up the aisle and form a cross at the front of the church. A soloist would sing a stanza of "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," then the pastor would read the proclamation of the angel to the Marys at the he was reading, tympanies would begin their drum roll in the balcony, and then the organ would burst out full stops and trumpets would blare and the lights would come on and the black figures representing death would run out of the church. Then the congregation would stand singing "Lift High the Cross" as the banners and cross were carried in ahead of the procession of pastors and choir. It was the most awesome raising of power one can find outside of a pagan circle!

Anyone else have good Easter memories they'd like to share? Or, for that matter, Passover?

On a different matter, I received an e-mail from ExecutiveDirector a couple of days ago, but just opened it yesterday. A good friend of hers has started a website to find himself a GayEric. He was told, I gather, by a psychic that he would settle down with a man named Eric. So he is being proactive about it. Check out the site...and if you know any GayErics, send him the link. GayDaniel is a great guy, so only nice men, okay?!

And, last but not least, it's fabulous to see Foxy back commenting! I hope things are going well, and that you'll get a chance, at some point, to update us on your happenings!


Rob said...

My earlist memory of easter is unwrapping a chocolate egg from my gradmother and finding that a mouse had been inside it(it had entered via the bottom of the egg which sort of protruded from the cardboard casing) and had scraped away loads of the choc with its teeth. She said, "Oh, just rinse it under the tap."

Scully said...

I don't celebrate Easter so no memories to relate, but I always like this time of year - spring, et al.

Hope you're doing well.

hippy chick said...

Hello! Just a quick email to tell you that you rock :) Talk to you soon when we're back on the west coast!

Aravis said...

I used to love that show too! *G*

As for Easter, I loved watching the cheezy claymation tv Easter shows that were always aired back then. And the hunt for the Easter basket in the morning. When I was older, we'd go to my g'parents' house out in the country. Lots of aunts and uncles, and we all had an Easter basket. We'd draw names from a hat and hide that person's basket somewhere on the property- up trees, dangling over streams, etc.- and then search for our own. So much fun! I did that today for my brother and sister actually, and it was my favorite part of the day. :0)

And yes, it's great to see Fox again!

the urban fox said...

Thank you sweets. Glad to read that you had fun in London, and what great photos!

I'll certainly keep my eye out for a nice Eric for Daniel. I don't know any Erics at all so far though.

To add to Spin's Easter question, has anyone got any fun pagan/Eostre/Ostara/Ishtar celebratory experiences to share too?

My Easter this year was mainly based on the twin delights of chocolate & laziness, so no good tales to tell, I'm afraid...!

writinginAK said...

We always went to a sunrise service at the beach with a fire ... it was always really painful to get up, and windy and cold, but I loved it (and we always got hot chocolate and Mom's home-baked cinnamon rolls and Easter eggs, which helped).

Seeing as there don't seem to be beachside sunrise services in Anchorage, I'm a new fan of the Easter vigil, which also involves a fire outdoors, with the bonus of not having to get up so early :)

I'll be making the cinnamon rolls today, however.

MrMystic said...

Did you ever see the original Highlander? with Christopher Lampbert.

spinsterwitch said...

Mystic - I saw all of the Highlander movies (I think there were 3, but maybe there were just 2), and Christopher Lambert has a cameo in the beginning of the series since the series character is the "clansman" of the original movie character.