Saturday, May 20, 2006


I'm feeling out of sorts today...I'm housesitting, which doesn't help. But the source of it is a result of an invitation that SlowTalker has issued to me. It's making me think about things, some of which bring up lot's of fears, some of which is tapping into anger about my past. The anger part has me thinking about touch...and a post may follow about that.

In better news, the dog and cats that I'm taking care of are so sweet...although the kittie, this a.m. decided she needed love. She hopped up on the bed and when I ignored her she would pat my nose with her paw. Cute, then progressively annoying. Still, I do love to be around animals. My feelings for them are much less complicated than for humans.

Oh! - and I was called a goddess yesterday. That's always lovely.


Hyde said...

Hmmm... I'm out of sorts today too. Maybe it's something in the air.



Aravis said...

Goddess? You mean someone finally recognized who you really are? ;0)

I never know whether to be annoyed or amused when one of my critters decides that I've slept enough and should now pay attention to them. I suppose it depends on how they go about it. *G*

hammer said...

Whoa! Goddess! Awesome.