Sunday, May 14, 2006

"I'll tell you all the story about the joker and the thief of the night"

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

It's been a pretty incredible couple of weeks, I tell thee. So I thought I might take a moment to give the updated status of my various interests.

Although, I know that you all would love me to jump right to the juicy stuff, I do feel compelled to mention first that I have bought tickets to see the Streets on June 9th and go to the alternative music festival, BFD, on June 10th. I may have made a tactical error in buying the BFD tickets, as most of the bands I want to see are not on the mainstage and I got reserved seats. Ah, well, at least I'll have a place to retreat to when the 13 year olds on the lawn are driving me crazy! I do have 2 tickets for both events and so I need to get cracking to find me a companion to go to one or both (I'm pretty sure that I can sell the extra BFD ticket, if I need to).

Now on to the recap of my love life...This past several weeks has been quite a whirlwind, actually it stretches back over a month ago to my trip to London. It feels like my experiences in London really were a turning point for me on so many levels. I feel like I woke up to some really important facts about myself and my life. Mainly, that my life is not going to happen to me - I need to make my life happen. I also felt incredibly validated by all the lovely people I met who were so hospitable (you all know who you are).

Which brings us to CollegeFriend (lest we forget him). Reconnecting with CollegeFriend was pretty amazing. I feel like I'm getting to know him in a way that I never did when we knew each other before, and the news that he was planning to come to visit made my heart jump for joy (it still does). I'm so looking forward to seeing him seeing whether there is more to explore in our relationship (a possible future - who knows?).

But, well, September is a long way away, and frankly, I don't want to put my life on hold until then. So I put the craigslist ad all know this part. My motivations, though may not be clear. I want to date and have some fun (and realistically, have sex - yes, yes HippyChick, go ahead, you know you want to say it!), but I want to leave the way open for CollegeFriend. So that's a bit how I slanted my ad.

And after many e-mails and phone conversations and first dates, I've narrowed my choices down to 3. SlowTalker - he of the Tuesday lunch. He's not who I imagined I would be particularly attracted to, but he taps into a part of me that I generally keep hidden. He is very direct and at the same time incredibly gentle and comfortable to be with. TwinMan - sweet, sweet man who, for his own reasons, is looking for a casual dating situation as well...Also very gentle and just genuinely nice. And did I mention, sexy as hell! And, lastly, there is ILikeMovies (ILM). I haven't told you much about ILM because really there hadn't been much to tell. He actually responded to my Yahoo! profile. He's looking to expand his social circle mostly, and loves to go to dinner and movies. We went to see MI:3 this week. While it wasn't a stellar date, it was fun to have someone to eat dinner with and talk about the movie afterward with as well. So, perhaps nothing physical with this one...and I'm not sure if he's interested in continuing or not, so we'll see.

So, this week, I have a "play" date with SlowTalker tonight that I've been anticipating since last Tuesday. And next Friday, I've rearranged some appointments and TwinMan and I are going to spend the day together. It's all good.

As you all have noted, Spins is a happy woman these days. I can't tell you how these improving circumstances in my social life have helped me cope with the continuing disaster that is my work. We now have staff I have worked with for 5 years (good, solid people who I'd want to take care of me if I were on dialysis) jumping ship because of the situation at our clinic. Morale is low, but I feel like I'm keeping a few of them entertained with my adventures! (Not all, as many of my co-workers are pretty faithful Catholics.)

So there it is...there is sun in Spinny's world, after a very long winter.


hammer said...

That's great that your social life is taking your mind off the bad work situation. And I also liked the bit about your "making your life happen" instead of "letting it happen to you."

Flash said...

Yay, yay, thrice Yay!!!

I am so very happy for you, you totally & utterly deserve this.

Charby said...

Whee Go Spins!

LavaLady said...

It's your time in the sun, bask away! I've been really glad for you, and so excited you've been having fun. It is smart of you to have fun and not just 'wait' for CollegeFriend to come visit. You will be much more aware of what you really want and need.

Hippy Chick said...

Hooray for the sun, and I agree word for word with Flash :)

Aravis said...

I'm with hammer; I like that you're willing to make your life happen. And I agree with what everyone else has said. I hope things at work improve, but am happy that things are going so well for you otherwise! :0)

MrMystic said...

This might be an unmystic type comment but why narrow the choice down to one? Why not have sex with them all? Individually of course.

spinsterwitch said...

Mystic - I'm not really narrowing the field down to one...I've narrowed it to 3 from all the responses that I got. So, yeah, there will be sex with at least 2 of them...I don't know that ILM will respond back to my "I'd love to go to another movie" e-mail.

MrMystic said...

Well done Spinny, first we must have sex before we start thinking about levels.

SwissToni said...

ah. brilliant. This is getting better and better and I'm so pleased for you.


I'm so pleased I decided to catch up here this evening!