Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I received a flower yesterday from SlowTalker. I don't remember getting flowers from anyone I've dated before. It was a lovely feeling. There's something about the thought of someone picking out a flower for you that feels so intimate, so cared for.

Things have recently intensified between us. TwinMan is now out of the picture. And CollegeFriend continues to send me sweet e-mails. I think that this may all get terribly confusing before it's over. But all I can do at this point is to accept the decision that I've made and be as much in the moment as I can be.

So on to the questions (if you missed yesterday, you can still ask some today...):

Fred asked what I planned to do to celebrate my contentment. Well, I don't suppose that I will do anything in particular. I'm trying to just experience my feelings these days. So that's what I'm doing. Just letting it in.

Aravis wants to know, if I could be any man for a day, who would I be? Well, this is a difficult one. There are any number of different men I would want to be - and I think that there would be something very interesting to just be a man for a day. But right now, I think that I would like to be Bucky Lasek. He's a skateboarder. I would love to know what that feels like to be among the best in your not be afraid of the speed and the heights involved. That's who I'd like to be answer is subject to change of course.

Lord Bargain asks, what would I change my blog name to if I were forced to do so? That's an interesting question for me these days, as I am contemplating what names mean and their power in the world. I think I would go for something that feels pretty uncomplicated - Valkyrie.

Okay, anymore questions?


shorty said...

I would just like to comment as I'm brain dead at the moment as far as ?'s go.

I totally understand how you feel it might become confusing in the long run. Thing is, you have a man right in front of you who can give you the physical. You have a man overseas who can give you the emotional. It's very confusing.

Being a woman in general is confusing. Being a man for a day is sounding better and better. I'm tired of sitting to pee : )

Sorry, not sure where that came from. Anyway. Have a great day and enjoy the flower.

What type was it anyway? What color?

spinsterwitch said...

Oh, look at this I can leave a comment now!

It's the little things, you know.

Shorty - I think the flower is a gardenia, but I'm not good with plants, generally.

Aravis said...

I loved your answer to my question, as well as your plan to just enjoy the Now as you date. :0)

mrmystic said...

The Mrs is buying gifts right left and centre heeeeeeelp

Fred said...

Good answer. Relaxing is a great way to enjoy anything. Have a great Thursday!