Friday, July 07, 2006

The best laid plans...

Well, I had plans for today. I was going to be very industrious and get many things, therapy, grocery shopping, going out with ExecutiveDirector.

Sadly, all that is being derailed. Last night I felt ache-y and took my temperature. It was 99.4, which is pretty high for me. This morning I was still running about 99.0 and am ache-y and tired. No other symptoms. Maybe this is why I was feeling so tired earlier in the week.

I've been sitting and laying about this a.m. debating my plan of action for the day...I took something which should bring my fever down, and so, my strange logic went, I will feel well enough to do all the things I need to do. Ummmm....why do we do this to ourselves, I wonder?

Here I have the freedom of a relatively open day (I'm not at my dialysis job on Fridays, and I happen to have no clients today). The only obligation I really need to follow through on is pretty minor and later in the day. But I feel guilty...guilty about cancelling the therapy that I will still be paying for because I'm cancelling late. Guilty for not getting my house clean. Guilty for cancelling a social get-together (even though she's pregnant and probably shouldn't be around a sickie anyway). WTF!

So, I'm going against my feelings and listening to my body, which desperately wants rest and juice and more rest...and I'm cancelling therapy (I'll probably still take out the trash, but that's not so much guilt motivated as just the need to get rid of something gross!).


Update: The very cool side of knowing someone who is a chemical engineer is that they can explain in detail what it is that is causing the symptoms of achiness. Apparently my spy cells, having sniffed out the enemy have sent chemical messages out to the first line of defense, the fagocytes (spelling on that might be wrong!). These cells find the bad cells (bacteria or virus) and encapsulate them in little sacs they create from their own cell membranes. Then they zap them with a lethal dose of hydrogen peroxide. In the meantime, the body is readying it's second line of defense, the antibodies. So, the achiness is a bi-product of the chemical messages and defense systems that are being activated in my body. Isn't that awesome!

No wonder I feel tired. My body is working hard. I'm going to go lay down now.


Hippy Chick said...

poor you! I sure hope u feel better soon amiga...listen to your body!!!

spinsterwitch said...

I'm really glad that I have...halfway through a 4 hour nap, my fever spiked again and I had to take more ibuprofen. Again, it's annoying that the one feeling I have is vindication. Why can't my superego just let me be sick!

Hyde said...

Oh no! Get lots of rest and feel better soon!



Cody Bones said...

Sending out some mental chicken soup, get well soon.

P'tit-Loup said...

Your body is working hard, give it a good rest. And tell the guilt producing part of yourself to do the same!

Feel better soon!

Charby said...

I love the thought of my little White Blood Cells as an chemical weapon using army, but then maybe I'm a little odd!

Oh its phagocytes - I can't believe I remember that from school!

beedragon said...

Rest = Good :)

I hope you are feeling better!

Aravis said...

Poor Spins! Rest, relax and get rid of the guilt. Feel better soon!