Sunday, July 16, 2006


So the event that we went to last night was the Crucible's 6th Annual Fire Arts Festival. It was quite an event.

I think that a lot of the people who were there are probably pretty involved with Burning Man, as well. There were some interesting outfits, including a guy who had painted brown and white and beige streaks on his face and body and was only wearing a fake fur loin cloth. It really wasn't a good look for him.

There were lot's of metal sculptures that incorporated different colors of flame. There was a fire engine that made fire. The coolest piece to me was a water fountain that they had figured out how to dance flames along the water.

We wandered around, then sat and watched the different acts that they had performing. A band that used an instrument that spit fire. All sorts of fire dancers. There was one group that didn't use any flame elements, but performed capoira (I think the spelling's wrong on that) and break dancing. One of the break dancers did this absolutely incredible move called a helicopter. SlowTalker says he wants to see the video because he's not sure how it is physically possible...but there it was!

The highlight was a group called Mutation, who were a drum group that played and had lot's of flame going off during it. They had a fire eater and sword swallower. Very cool.

It was a late night, though. I got back to Hill House at about 2, then had to walk the dog. This is all well and good, I thought, since I have nothing planned for my Sunday...except, it seems, that sunrise is the signal for the dog and cats to wake the human. I did manage to sleep until 8 a.m. by ignoring the subtle hints of the menagerie. Hopefully, tonight will be a quieter night.


Aravis said...

You do and see some of the most interesting things; I love reading about them. As for dogs and cats, they are certainly no great respecter of human sleep patterns, are they? *G*

Fred said...

Sounds loike a good time. Too bad the animals don't like to sleep in late. They can ruin a good nap, too.

mrmystic said...

Just popped in to see how you're doing.

Everything looks good to me. Feeling under the weather once in a while is pretty normal.

Big hug see you later.

SwissToni said...

a fire engine that makes fire?? that's just wrong. Fire engines put fire out!


Charby said...

I may be a little late with this one, but isn't hill house in a horror film????

Flash said...

Ah the beauty of flames.
Sounds bloody great, that does.