Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Because of the wonderful things he does"

So last night, after a romantic meatloaf dinner for 3 at Boston Market (hee!), we headed to the beautiful, historic Paramount theater to see the Wizard of Oz. I've never seen it on the big screen before. It really does change the quality of the film. And to see it in that setting - getting to hear the Wurlitzer beforehand and with all of the glorious art deco features of the auditorium. It was a lot of fun.

It was an interesting crowd...lot's of parents with kids and lot's of gay male couples. Then there was our little group. I got to be the Lion with a drawn on nose and whiskers. SS was the Tin Man with a heart pinned to her chest. S was the Straw Man with his "Doctor S" t-shirt his family had gotten for him when he first finished his degree (he doesn't wear it very often, apparently, because it's in perfect condition).

S is at the airport now. He'll be gone for a little more than three weeks visiting family and taking part in a dance workshop in MA. I'll miss him, but I have a lot to do while he's gone. S has helped me form some ideas about doing some writing for my practice. I'm really excited about it, but I've got a lot of research to do...and doing this kind of writing - well, I haven't done anything like this since grad school. I'm also going to get started on my birthday present of building stamina and strength. I need to make this fun, or I have a harder time following through with this type of plan.

I just want to add to this post that for all of you that think that threesomes are all fun and games, let me just tell you, it's only fun until you crack your nose against someone's skull. Yes, that was me this morning. I don't think I broke it (I'm assuming that I would know), but it did get a little bloody and it's a wee bit tender still. An incident like that is something of a killjoy for all involved. Although, it also made us all laugh.

Okay...I have 2 clients this afternoon, then I'm off until Tuesday! Glorious, glorious days.


Aravis said...

Spins, if you're looking for a fun way to work out, why not try belly dancing? I've taken it up recently. You don't have to take it in a classroom if that makes you uncomfortable; I found my starter kit at Barnes & Noble. It has the added benefit of being sensual and though you wouldn't be a pro by the time S got back, you'd still have some basic moves to surprise him with when he returns. Just a thought. Good luck, whatever you choose to do!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I hope that you make it fun. This might give you a little insight on how to make it fun. Happy New Year.

Fred said...

Happy 2007, Spin!