Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Water, water everywhere"

The lead story in the SF Chronicle today was news of SF's mayor's indiscretions with his advisor's wife. It completely overshadowed the real news of the day, which was coverage of planners who work with city and state water systems all over the US meeting to discuss the disastrous effects that global warming will have in various locations.

I hadn't realized that 2/3 of the CA water supply comes from the delta region in the Bay. As sea waters rise, this area will be inundated with salinated water. Not too good to drink, if you remember the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. And in order to protect the two major airports in this area, seawalls will have to be constructed.

And crucial decisions about what lands are less important are going to have to be made and how those decisions are going to be made are being discussed.

But our amorous tom, Gavin, and his exploits are apparently way more important than that. Please *yawn* this is SF, and he is a hotty. Of course, he's a slut and every redblooded gay man and straight woman in the city has a little bit of a crush on him. This has nothing to do with his political acumen or his ability to lead.

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