Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling wooshy

WARNING: This post may contain more information than you want to know about female biological functions. Don't say I didn't warn you.

It's been raining, so my allergies are really bad. My eyes are all swollen and I have the sense that someone closed a drain in my sinuses during the night.

In conjunction with this, I have started my period. Since I'm actually bleeding this month, I am also experiencing some of the symptoms that I have experienced in the past with the first couple of days of the month.

I think I've mentioned before that prior to the pill, I used to get very bad cramps. I'd overdose myself with Advil (until I found that Aleve worked so much better for me). This, I've learned, has a name...dysmenorhea (they have a name for everything don't they!). I would also experience with this a type of drugged sensation. I thought that it was associated with the NSAIDs for awhile until I noticed the feeling prior to taking the drugs. This drugged feeling is a combination of I-don't-care-drop-a-nuclear-bomb-on-me feelings, lightheadedness, and difficulty concentrating. I call this feeling wooshy.

As this feeling often coincided with a cessation of my PMS symptoms, I would revel in it. It was a little bonus after the hell my body had just put me through. Well, yesterday I learned that this feeling doesn't go well with bad allergies. And this morning is little better. I've been sitting up for an hour now and I'm still not feeling well...So I'm staying home today.



P'tit-Loup said...

Sorry you are suffering from the whoosh! I like that better than "dysmenorrhea." Why don't we get to name our own conditions? Enjoy your day home as much as you can due the circomstance.

Aravis said...

Yech. That sucks. "Whoosh" is a great name for it, though! I have endometriosis and have overdosed on ibuprofen to stem the cramps. To have a sinus/allergy attack on top of it has to be absolute hell.

Seriously, take it easy and feel better soon!

hammer said...

eek! Feel better. I just caught up on all of your posts. I appreciated your book review. I must say for all of the "lingo" associated with top/cane/sub/dom etc etc, I was a little lost. It seems so academic to me!

spinsterwitch said...

Hammer - I was pretty detached from most of it as an observer. And the lingo is pretty essential to the culture, so there's no real way around that.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

hammer said...

Spins, so what IS SPaetzel anyways? Please tell us!