Sunday, March 25, 2007

With bated breath

I thought about posting my first book review here without any mention of the evenings festivities last night, but I imagined there might be a few mutineers. So without further ado....

Last night, after confirming the time and much primping (corset, black pants, much-more-comfortable black boots & my pretty wand/crop), I headed out to the Edges. It's a dungeon in Santa Clara (about a 45 minute drive) that I'd been to before for a spanking workshop. I really liked the space and was excited to be going. I was also a little nervous, but not badly so. I was feeling good and confident with my wand in hand.

I got there early (of course) and had a tour of the space, even though I'd been there before. There is a social area with couches and lot's of space for milling about and talking. They had a nice spread of finger food, including some incredible cantiloupe. The first floor of the dungeon has lot's of equipment - cages, flogging posts...there's a nice gallery upstairs that you can get a great view of most of the action on the main floor. Just off the first floor main space is a semi-private room with a bed. Upstairs off the gallery is a "medical" room. There are a couple of other rooms that are not so wide open as the main floor with comfy places to sit and watch or rest, if you like. In the last room, there is a cool platform swing. I sat on it for a bit. It was very comfortable.

There were several scenes that started early on. One was pretty intense caning. Another was much more soft, some spanking but mostly just lot's of touching and prettiness. I didn't get involved in any scenes (or any sex at the party). I did meet a few people who had never been before either. We chatted and that was nice to connect to some nice people.

It seemed that most of the people who were there participating in the scenes had come together as couples with a plan. There were very few that had connected just randomly. Maybe more of that happened after I left. I think that watching for me was really helpful. I know that sounds strange. It was also somewhat entertaining, but mostly helpful.

You see, I have been exploring the idea of topping, but just have no clue as to how to do it. Yes, yes, I've rented Nina Hartley's video, but really that doesn't help too much. This was good to see individual doms with their subs and how they proceeded and took the time to check in and always keep contact during the scene with their sub. I've experienced this, of course, but seeing it is something different.

I ended up heading home about 10:45. I know, I know, it was early, but I'm an early bird and I still had 45 minutes of some of the most boring highway to drive in the dark.

So that was it mostly. I headed over to S' place to sleep. We got up this a.m. and had to head over to the ER in SF. SS had injured herself hiking the day before. She'd thought it was just a cramp, but it hadn't "uncramped" overnight, so she went to have it looked at. It was a torn calf muscle. She's under orders to keep her foot up for 3 days.

I left S at the hospital to help SS home and get her settled, and I headed over to a birthday party back in the East Bay. It was good to see HippyChick and to see BeeDragon out and about.

And that's all for now! Look for a book review tomorrow...I hope.


Aravis said...

It sounds like you were able to learn more about yourself and what you want in an interesting, exciting and supportive environment.

I hope SS is well soon. Glad you had a good time at the birthday party. :0)

Lord Bargain said...

I love the idea that you went to this, er, slighly unusual event and the highest compliment is paid to the cantiloupe!!!!