Monday, April 16, 2007

A play and a hike

So, Saturday night, S and I went to see Clown Bible. It was a musical satire based on the bible. I was a little skeptical because it was set up to cover the entire old and new testament. It turned out to be really funny and poignant. They had a really unique way of portraying God that I enjoyed.

Another couple joined us for the play, and we went for a snack and a discussion afterwards. It was really interesting. Particularly interesting that my own background is Christian...and now, Pagan, but everyone else were religious Jews. So it was a new spiritual perspective to be able to take part in a discussion around.

It was a late night, so we slept in...then it was the big hike day. After doing some review of the hike and making sure that things were packed up, we went to REI to buy food. Then it was off to hike.

It was a challenge. The hike was 3 miles and the pack is probably about 20 lbs or so. Still, the pack was pretty comfortable. The hike was slow and it was hillier than the hike we'll be taking on Thursday, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful. Still, it will be an interesting trip because S definitely likes being very active, and I have a feeling that I'm going to collapse at some point.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't die!


Aravis said...

I'm curious: how did they portray God? It sounds like a great night!

I'm glad, too, that you survived your hike. *G*

hammer said...

yes, i was curious too about Aravis's question. Also, you said "religious" Jews... But the "relgious" Jews that I know wouldn't even hang out with non-Jews, let alone be as open and loving to you as S has been.

P'tit-Loup said...

The hike sounds like great fun! A 20 lbs bag is very respectable to carry for 3 miles!

Hyde said...

How the hell did they fit the entire bible into one play? That's a lot of drama! It sounds like you are really challenging yourself with the hiking. It's impressive to take on something you are not so "naturally" comfortable with. Let us know how it goes!



spinsterwitch said...

God was played by a woman who was, for most of the play, only seen in profile through a screen above the stage. She came down during the act with Job, which then morphed into the life of Jesus & she was on the stage for that. God was portrayed as having little or no control over the people who were supposed to worship her and it made her angry and sad. It was a much abridged version of the bible, but pretty well done in hitting the highlights.

They are religious, but not in the sense of being orthodox or conservative. S keeps kosher (at least in the seperation of dairy from meat). I guess that my idea of religious means someone who is deeply interested in the theology and rituals of their faith, even when they don't practice them strictly.

hammer said...

Let me clarify, that I agree with your definition of "religious." It's my parents' generation (for the most part) who equates religiosity with endogamy, or Jews only dating Jews. I'll post about this sometime soon.