Monday, April 02, 2007


Good morning, darlings!

Let me just jump right in. Friday I had the aforementioned appointments. The therapy appointment was really pretty good, although a bit odd. I was feeling kind of playful and not wanting to "dig in" so I didn't really talk about much. I saw my doctor and she's referred me to an allergist. I got a new pill prescription and some Metrogel cream for my rosacea.

I headed over to S' house and he inspected the hiking boots I got (they are just like his, but he had to make sure that none of the seams inside were sticking out). I put them on, then proceeded to have to retie them about 4 or 5 times until they were just right. We went for a bit of a walk/hike to begin breaking them in. They were frustrating me, until I got them tied just right, then they felt wonderful. I was, however, happy to take them off when we got home. We spent the evening at my apartment...dinner and a movie.

Saturday evening, I met up with S & SS. I got an update about SS' leg. She's got a boot on that could be wickedly painful, if she decided to kick someone with it. She offered to let me feel where the tear is. I declined. We headed out to UC-Berkeley for the Mountain/Pacific regional championship for men's gymnastics. It was really interesting...somehow Oklahoma and Nebraska are a part of this region. I'm not sure I get that. Oklahoma won the team portion. We didn't stick around to see who was best overall.

Sunday morning, S & I headed out to the St Stupid's Day Parade in SF. It's held every year on April Fool's Day. Normally, they go through the financial district mocking various things like the Stock Exchange. But since no one is in that part of the city during the weekends, they took a different route. It was fun, everyone was dressed colorfully and chanting. My favorite chant was "no more chants!" There was music and entertainment. We then headed off to see the musical "The Emperor Norton."

For those who don't know, there was a gentleman who lived in SF just after the gold rush. He lost all his money in a rice speculation scheme and went a little crazy. He declared himself Emperor of the US and Protector of Mexico. He became something of a local tourist attraction and favorite among San Franciscans. It was an enjoyable production.

I dropped S off at the Metreon, then headed home for a quiet evening after the whirlwind weekend.

I've spent most of this morning trying to contact the Pt Reyes campground reservation folks. I finally succeeded. We are rescheduling our hiking weekend to May in hopes that SS will be healed enough to go that weekend.

Just a bit of a flashback for you all...On this day a year ago, I had arrived in London for a lovely adventure. It seems so long ago, but I can remember the details like it wasn't that long at all.

Oh! And birthday party plans. It's going to be a fairly sedate do...a potluck hors d'oevres spread with a lovely cake prepared by SS. There will only be about 9 or 10 of us, I think.
Addendum: Baby, the 99 Honda Civic, went to the car doctor today. It's been a long time and she needed to have a good checking over. It's a damned good thing I brought her in as she hadn't told me that her radiator had sprung a leak. Sadly, the amount of the repair is going to far surpass the tax refund that I have left (I've spent a little of it on things like hiking boots). I hate using my credit card.


hammer said...

That's what strikes me as weird about therapy appointments. Because emotions are so sporadic, and therapy appointments have to be obeyed, one doesn't always feel like "getting into it" or digging in.

Anyways, sounds like you had a great weekend. I hope SS feels better soon.

Aravis said...

I have therapy appointments like that, and my therapist just rolls with it. :0)

The Emperor Norton sounds like such a wonderful character. Perhaps I should google him to learn more.

Sorry to hear about your car. Glad that radiator didn't go while you were driving!