Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

I started reading a book on Saturday on procrastination which made me so anxious that I had to put it down rather frequently. I guess it's touching more than one nerve. Sometime I'll do a post on procrastination, but I don't really want to right now. (Yes, yes, I know that's almost the definition of procrastination...bite me!)

On Saturday afternoon, I met up with S & SS. I brought over leftovers from my first attempt at pot roast. It tasted good but was a little tougher than I remember pot roast being. So I'll have to try again sometime. Still, it was fun to share my culinary attempts.

We headed out that evening to see a competition of Drum and Bugle corps. This is, apparently, quite a big thing. You can read more about the summer events here, if you like. It was a bit confusing to watch, but got better as the evening progressed. It was fun to watch both the contest and the people who were there.

The next morning, S & I headed off to San Francisco. We had lunch at Greens. I've never eaten there, but it was really nummy. Then we headed over to Robogames 2007. No, really. That's what we did. It was total geek-fest, and I loved it.

We mostly watched the combat stuff. Different types of robots fighting each other (they are controlled by remotes outside the arena). It was very cool! So was robo-soccer, and the fire-fighting competition. The kid who won first place for that was maybe 15.

We ended our outing by wandering around Fort Mason for a nice walk. It was a lovely day, all around.

This morning, I went to see my allergist, all ready to start setting up appointments for shots, only to learn that I have to stop the beta blocker I'm on for high blood pressure. I'm getting really sick of doctor's appointments.


Aravis said...

My husband used to love watching those Robo Games, but he hasn't in awhile and I'd forgotten all about them. I wonder if they've stopped broadcasting them here- I can't recall seeing them advertised anymore.

Which would explain why I had forgotten them.

It sounds like fun though!

Regarding your allergies, etc., what will you have to do for your blood pressure then? Because of course that's important as well. *G* Hope everything gets sorted out soon!

hammer said...

I think procrastination is a simpleton's word for "daydreaming." It's a necessary activity for all of us!