Monday, July 16, 2007

A registered trademark

So...the weekend update - Saturday, after a nap, I got ready for my evening adventure with S & SS. I was wearing a lovely black dress with a velvet jacket. I looked gorgeous. We were off to the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland. We went last year and it was fun and unique. This year, it was about twice the size, in terms of crowd size. Mostly it was folks to see the performance of the Odyssey with ballet and opera performers.

Sunday, after a late night, we got up relatively early and went to a dog event at the Berkeley marina (Bay to Barkers, for you Bay Area readers). It was good fun, watching dogs try to do different obstacle courses and things. There was even a doggy fashion show. And lots of dogs to pet.

We had walked around a bit and I obviously over did it in the sun because I got another migraine. Oh, the joy! S was very sweet and I took a long nap in the afternoon. That along with the imitrex made it not so horrible, but I'd rather not have had it anyway.

One strange thing...we were driving past a billboard with a Subway ad on it. S was obviously reading it and he read aloud, "Subway is a registered trademark of Doctor's Associates Inc." What the hell is that? And why would they own a restaurant chain with a name like that? Although suddenly their "eat Subway and lose weight" ad campaigns make a little more sense.

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Aravis said...

Odd. I wonder when, and if, they bought it. They didn't found the company and didn't own it a couple of years ago.

If so, it was probably around the time Jared came on the scene as spokesman...