Friday, July 27, 2007


You know when you have those moments when you come in contact with someone that you really look up to and they say something to you. You know how excited you get?

Well, imagine that the person that you admire has not only said something to you but praised an idea that you had...publicly!

Yes, this has happened to me. Marilyn Wann is a fat activist in SF and has a book called FatSo?! She's also the moderator of a listserv that I just joined on fat studies. I made a comment similar to what I said on my other blog about the stupidity that is the "social contagion" theory some researcher has come up with (and every news outlet has blindly eaten up and regurgitated). And Marilyn responded back to the list about what a great comment it was!

I had a little happy dance moment, I must admit.

Still sick. Going back to work yesterday was not a good idea. I've spent the day at home with an excursion out to get some food and some books and videos from the library. I'm going back to bed now.


Aravis said...

That's great! Congratulations!

Get some rest, enjoy your snack and your books and movies.

Hyde said...

I hope you feel better! I don't get the strange slang of that cat-cheeseburger website though. Do you? If so, can you explain?