Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm not dead, really!

I just don't have internet access at home. I don't know how much I'll be blogging over the next 1-2 weeks. I'm off to a meeting for work tomorrow until Friday, then it's the long weekend. I should be back at work next Tuesday, unless I get called in for Jury Duty. Then I leave on Thursday for another long weekend trip to Reno with S & SS.

There's not much to tell about the weekend. I spent most of it resting. I'm still having symptoms with a few new additions. It's hard to tell if I'm getting better overall, though, or if I'm just stalled. I'll get back to this later.

S has been working on his computer almost constantly since he returned. It pretty much quit working. He thinks it's back to being a computer again. As a result, it was pretty quiet. He and I went to see a performance of the 3 Musketeers at John Hinkle Park on Sunday afternoon. It was fun, but very crowded. Then last night, under the full moon, we went out to a church in Walnut Creek that has a labyrinth and walked it. It was very moving. There was music and the labyrinth was lighted by torches. There is a single stone in the center and so when you are done and looking at it from outside, it reminds you of a zen garden. Very relaxing.

So, as I said, I've been trying to rest as much as possible. I've started to have some achiness in some joints and almost daily headaches (these aren't terrible, but they hit if I'm up and around for too long). I got the name of a doctor who has a lot of experience, so I called several times and finally got through on Monday. Their first appointment is the first week of November and they are a cash pay office...$600 for the first visit and $300 for each subsequent visit. Yeah, so I don't quite know how it is that people seek treatment from this man, but I'm working and I can't afford that.

I want to think that I'm incrementally getting better, and I may be, but the increments are very small. I may also just be deluding myself.

So I'm off to get some work done today, then to the meeting for the rest of the week. If I get the chance, I'll drop in on one of the hotel computers and say hello!


Aravis said...

That labyrinth sounds amazing!

There's a link to a support group for people with Lyme on my blog. There may be some answers or suggestions there for you. *hug*

Cody Bones said...

I hope things turn around soon, and that you enjoy the long weekend.