Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to it...

After several weeks of strange schedules, I feel like I'm a bit more back to my routine. Of course, my routine this morning was all about my allergies again. I slept for a good 10 hours last night, and I'm still tired. Of course, this is a different feeling from the Lyme fatigue I experienced. I'm tired in my head, and a bit in my body. The fatigue was definitely more in the body.

Friday was a bit of a strange day. I'd been looking forward to a leisurely day, and it was, but it was occupied by the worst menstrual cramps that I've had in a really long time. I'd had issues with the last version of the pill I was taking because I would have no period one month and a heavier period the following. Well, with this version, I'm having a heavy period every month. Hmmm....I'd sort of liked an in between.

So Friday was sort of a wash, I slept a lot, was a bit weepy, and watched a movie. Saturday, after seeing clients, I met up with S in Berkeley for the annual String Band Competition. It was interesting and the music was good. Back at his place, we napped, then went out for the evening. We had dinner at a tapas restaurant, which was very different. Then we went to see a free screening (outdoors) of The Day the Earth Stood Still. It was fun, especially interesting is how they dealt with the lack of special effects.

Sunday, we got up and dressed (I was trying for victorian with a parasol & all) and headed out to see Polo in the Park in Golden Gate Park. There was the more traditional polo, then a match of polo played on Segues. It was fascinating. SS joined us there. She's been sick, so had been staying home for several days. She brought along her friend DQ...she was driving him around that day because his car had broken down. He's a rather talkative guy. It was a bizarre combination to have a 4th person hanging out with the three of us.

S and I headed back to Oakland for dinner then it was home to bed for me. Even though I was well shielded it was a full day out in the sun and the wind and I was wiped out. That darned wind is greatly to blame for my allergies this morning, I'm sure.

My primary goal for this week is to get an estimate on my damaged bumper and get that process started. Woo-hoo!

Oh...we are waiting the results of BeeDragon's biopsy, so everyone cross all your digits.

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Hippy Chick said...

Thanks amiga...glad that despite the cramps and fatigue that you were able to have some fun this weekend! :)