Monday, October 29, 2007

Bees, Cats and Alaguins

It's been a bit since I wrote anything. Thursday was a busy day with some training of a new social worker, then Friday I had off and was having a lot of back pain.

Saturday, I saw clients and rested and took care of my back, then met up with S for the evening. We went out for dinner, then spent the rest of the evening in bed listening to NPR programs and snuggling. Sunday morning...well, let's just say that I always enjoy Sunday morning sex.

So then I was getting all dressed up in elegant attire. S didn't tell me where we were going, although I sort of figured it out (I had a hunch it was the ballet or opera). We were going to the opera. It's the first I've attended.

We had lunch in the cafe before going to hear the talk about The Magic Flute. The opera itself was interesting. The set was designed by a cartoonist and he created all these animal combinations for the scene in which Tamino tames the animals with the flute. The alaguin (an alagator/penguin) was very cute and clearly someone's 3-4 year old.

I enjoyed the music and the story, although I did have a feminist discussion going in my head the whole time (how the Queen of the Night was being overshadowed by the Priest of Reason, etc). My largest complaint - those chairs are very uncomfortable.

We headed home and I left S at home. I watched 60 minutes last night and there was a depressing story about bees and Hive Collapse Syndrome. I certainly hope that someone figures out what's going on with those critters because I like my veggies.

I got up early this a.m. to go over to HippyChick and BeeDragon's house. They've been out of town and I'm sleeping over tonight to keep the cats company. I'd also agreed to go by this a.m. to check in on the lovies and give Marley his kitty-Prozac.

Well, as I pull into the driveway, I see that one of the screens on one of the windows is popped out a bit. Not big enough for a thief (and thankfully, no one broke in), but big enough for a kitty (or 4) to squeeze out of. And that's what they had done.

Marley and Kito are indoor/outdoor cats, so I wasn't too worried about them, but the other two, Nikkyo and Buster, were young and primarily indoor. Buster, at the mention of treats, practically leapt into my arms, but Nikkyo wasn't so eager.

I now have scratch and bite marks on both hands and arms, my lip and my nose. And how did I get her, you may ask? I didn't. I was inside consulting with BeeDragon by phone, when she sauntered in through the door I'd left open.


Hippy Chick said...

aaah Spins, we surely don't deserve you! Thanks so much for dealing with monday morning kitty drama!!! :)
hippy chick and bee dragon

Hyde said...

Just tried to leave a comment but it didn't work...

Anyway, glad you liked the opera. Yay!! Your analysis is interesting. Doesn't surprise me, as that opera is supposedly full of free-masonry.

Sounds like you braved the kitty drama well.