Sunday, October 07, 2007


We are away for the weekend. Our hotel has a computer and S & SS are out climbing around in caves this morning (way too much for me at this point)...

I won't give you details, but I do just have to say that I love Columbia. We stayed in the City Hotel which is supposedly haunted. Sadly there were no hauntings of me.

I did have some very strange dreams, though. One is too personal to share, but the other was a very realistic dream of waking in our hotel room to one long earthquake. It wasn't very strong, but we speculated that it was centered in SF and was the Big One. It was nerve-wracking in the dream because we were in a brick building...notoriously bad at withstanding earthquakes.

Well, friends, I'm going for a swim, then I'm going to lounge about watching Animal Planet for the rest of the morning.

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Aravis said...

What a freaky dream! Glad that's all it was.

Have fun lounging!