Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Habits hard to break

Over the past 3 months, I've done very little cooking. Mostly, I've gone to get takeout from various restaurants in the area. This is a nummy, if not economically feasible, way to survive.

But I'm feeling better now, and I am more aware that I will likely live long enough for my credit to continue to vex me if I continue to use it. So I was very industrious this weekend and cooked, and made a meal plan for the week.

Last night, I was supposed to go home and make pasta using a sauce I've already made...so this entailed only boiling some noodles and heating up the sauce. Did I do this? No.

In Wahlgreens getting some benadryl, I talked myself into going to Genova deli next door and ordering a meatball sandwich. Now, I do have to forgive myself just a bit. Genova deli sandwiches, on any day, are hard to resist. But just that morning I'd had this resolve, along with a refrigerator full of food, and I caved.

It's hard to get out of the habit, but I've got to keep trying. Eating out and buying books are my biggest expenditures, I believe. They are both so hard to change.

On a tangent, I saw an idea for a cool meme over at Shapely Prose. Here's how it works: Leave in the comments one word you feel best describes me. Just one. That's it.

Oh! And I got 5th in the contest over at Smart Bitches. Thanks for the votes folks. I get a free book...the original purchase of which helped to support MassEquality, an organization in support of marriage equality in MA.


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