Friday, December 14, 2007


I had an interesting day shopping for winter gear for the trip to Yosemite. I needed a pair of fleecy pants (all polyester), but they do not appear to be the fashion these the cheaper sports stores did not have them in men's sizes that I could wear. So I went looking at REI, and I found some there.

This was a relief. I was half anticipating a frustrating day with trying on pants that just did not go over my ass. Or worse: finding no fleecy pants that were sizeable enough to try. This is the story of my life with pants, I tell thee.

So, yeah, REI had them. They were pricey, but I figured they had saved me from much anger at retailers. I decided, since it was on the way home, that I would take a browse through Goodwill. I love me some Goodwill. There is absolutely no way of predicting what treasure may be hidden in the racks. I did a quick run through the men's section to see if there were fleecy pants there, so I could return the REI such luck. Then as I browsed through the women's pants, I found some and they looked like they might fit (although an XL women's from Old Navy seemed a longshot). And they did! (I'm pretty convinced that they were men's, but still they were big XL.) And so now I have a $5 pair of pants and I can take the $49 pair back to REI.

I'm going to the theater with S tonight and needed to find something nummy for dinner, so I stopped off at Pearl of Siam. It is a rocking, awesome Thai restaurant on College Avenue. I'd go there more often, but parking is a pain in the butt in that area. Anyway, I went for takeout, and I just finished eating my fill of their Ruby Lamb. Now, I'm pretty sure that there are neither lambs nor pumpkin in Thailand, but it doesn't really matter because the combo of red curry with lamb, pumpkin, basil, peas and sweet red pepper was out of this world.

Okay, now I have to get ready for the theater. It is very cold tonight, so I think a long skirt and sweater.

You all have a lovely weekend.

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What are you going to see??