Tuesday, January 15, 2008


S and I started taking a class last night in Stage Combat. I was a little nervous about going into it, but it was a blast.

We learned how to make it look like you are slapping or hitting someone, how to make the sounds of hitting and make it look like you are really in pain. We learned how to fake pulling hair. We choreographed a whole short fight and performed it before each other, then experimented with creating dialogue to go along with it.

Then the fun really began, we got to handle the swords. We learned how to "strike" and parry. We learned how to swing the sword around our heads without decapitating our fellow actors. I'm still going to have to work on that because the hilt of the sword kept catching in my hair.

The swords are heavy, but they are so cool. I know. I'm a geek.

It was a really nice workout too. I was tired and sweaty, and it was a good catharsis after being somewhat anxious for most of the day.

The class ran until 10 p.m. which is generally my bedtime these days, but I needed a bit to unwind when I got home - stretch and shower, etc. Still, I've been grinning continually all day.


Cody Bones said...

Now that's cool

Aravis said...

I used to love doing that stuff when I was acting. So much fun!