Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have to marvel at the stupidity of folks, sometimes.

So, yeah, sure, I can understand that one would think that they were safe enough to climb onto the safety railing in front of the tiger exhibit of the zoo and shout and wave your arms at the tiger. I mean, tigers aren't supposed to escape from their exhibits, that's the whole premise of a zoo. It was childish and cruel to the animal, but it doesn't deserve a Darwin award.

But let's just all agree that anyone who tries to make a dash across a freeway in an urban area (even in the middle of the night) has a death wish. This may seem inconceivable to you and me, but 2 seperate men have been killed in just 2 weeks in the Bay Area doing this. Now I know that no one wants to be stranded on the side of the road with their car broken down, but seriously folks, stay in your car (or on the side of the road).

This fit of brilliance is second only in my book to the guy who (a couple of months ago) really needed a ride out of the Bay Area. He approached a trucker to see if he would take a passenger. When the trucker declined, this guy crawled underneath the truck and hitched a ride anyway. Under the truck! They found his parts scattered on the freeway after he either fell asleep and let go, or just could no longer hold on.

I'd rather freeze in the wheel well of a plane. Thank you very much!

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