Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A flock of seagulls

They were circling and calling to one another in the Long's parking lot this morning. It's not such a huge stretch to see seagulls in Oakland, but I've seriously never seen quite this many in a major shopping center before. S & I saw a bunch a week or so ago in a park. He told me that seagulls often come inland when a storm is headed our way. But I didn't think it was supposed to rain. Maybe they just needed something from Long's.

I went to my first practice with the Distaff Singers last night. In talking with S recently about my love of singing, he'd asked if I'd ever thought of joining a choir. I hadn't...but looking on the internet, I found a couple of choirs that you can join without having to audition. This was one of them.

It was really good to sing with a choir again. It has been decades. And the music was really interesting and challenging. How fun.

I feel a bit like I missed Super Tuesday. I sent in my mail in ballot a couple of weeks ago, so it was strange not to feel a part of all the hype. It's also a little frustrating that my county had to keep some of its polls open later because they were short on ballots, and they had called CA before they even closed.

Not much more to say today...I'm having trouble waking up though.

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Hyde said...

I hate seagulls. I love choirs though. What are you guys working on in that choir?