Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wake-up and smell the roses

Well, or flowers, or weeds, or trees. Those things are all safe to my body, according to my allergist. It's just that pesky mold, alternaria. So that's what's going to be in the shots that I'm going to start taking sometime next month.

And smell the flowers I did this morning. They smelled beautiful - sweet. I remember the smell of jasmine the first time I visited the Bay Area. It greeted me as I was walking with my friend, WritingInAK, to her house.

My day was much better, generally, today, and I am glad for the rest of the weekend (and the chance to spend more time with S).

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Hyde said...

Mmmm.. I love jasmine. I wish I could bump into some growing flowers around here!!


Aravis said...

I hope the shots work. I know how much it would mean for you to know the cause of your problems, and to have it effectively treated once and for all. My fingers are crossed for you!

Cody Bones said...

I wish I could smell something besides snow here.