Monday, March 24, 2008

Hard work

The presentation went well on Friday, but it was not very organized and there was so much stuff to present that I feel like I rambled on. Still, the talk was supposed to be for just 30 minutes then networking time, but there was so much to talk about that the networking time got caught up in the questions and discussion that ensued. So that was fun.

I met up with S afterward and we went to the Prime Spot again. Nummy-ness. And the family sitting next to us was the family of my service guy, Sammy. He is most awesome and nice. Seeing him with his family just confirmed that he is good people.

I dropped S off after dinner and was back in the a.m. to pick him up and drop him off for some additional stage combat practice at the Berkeley Marina. I saw clients, so I didn't get to join in the fun.

I went back to pick him up that afternoon and we had lunch together, then rehashed my presentation. S is very critical when it comes to presentations. I've watched him work on his own, so I know his standards, but it's very different to get critique from him on mine. I think this is good generally, but I was very emotional. But finally we got through it and I did get some good feedback from him about my style and ways to tighten it up. We also went off on this tanget of "data" which was fascinating.

After all that, we went back to the Marina and worked on our duel. I was feeling much resistance about doing the work and I got to expresss that pretty clearly. It felt to me like I was spending my day working. This is something that S doesn't share similar views on. He thinks about it as playing with the body. He is someone who enjoys the intensity of "playing" with something intensely (he says since he retired he no longer works).

I was finally able to let go of the resistance, and once I did, it was a lot of fun. We also got pretty good.

We spent the night at my place on Saturday night. Dinner and discussing Hawaii and listening to This American Life.

On Sunday, we went out for breakfast at a place called Tumble & Tea. It has a huge play area for toddlers and they were having an Easter Egg hunt. The best part of the experience was watching the children's reactions to the Easter Bunny. They either were really excited or they wanted nothing to do with her. It was a hoot.

Sadly, S was starting to feel under the weather, so I took him home for rest. It was a good thing, since my stomach started feeling a bit unhappy that morning, as well. I spent the rest of the day just resting.

Now it's Monday, and another week!

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Aravis said...

That sounds like a fun weekend, especially the Tumble and Tea. I love that name!