Monday, April 28, 2008


This weekend was a huge rollercoaster. I woke up on Friday with a migraine and ended up cancelling everything I had planned to stay at home in bed. I don't know that I've ever woken with a migraine before. Not pleasant.

I felt better in the evening, so the next day was the good day of the weekend. I got up Saturday to see clients. They were both good sessions...then I headed off to go shopping for most of the day. Target for some things for Mother's Day - I'm done shopping and the box of goodies is going to be mailed today.

I went to Goodwill after stopping at home for a snack. I've got to say I scored at Goodwill. I'd gotten my income tax return so I was ready to have a little spree. I found a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, 2 skirts, a shirt, 3 dresses, a beautiful poncho and a pair of sandals. Basically, I'd filled my basket. I got to the register and heard someone ask, "So everything is 50% off?" The response: "No, just the clothes." OMG! I got all of that for $35.

I also went to a $2 sale at a Fair Trade organization and then got some Fit Right jeans at Lane Bryant.

SS had joined me by that point. She was over here for a hula practice. We went to see a movie. We went to see Expelled. I've never heard of this movie, which I'm really not surprised, since it's a case for Intelligent Design. I have to say it made a good case, and in the process brought up some of the darker side of Darwin's theories and ideas. I can't say that I was entirely convinced, but it certainly made me think...and it was fascinating to hear the reactions that scientists received when they even entertain the idea of Intelligent Design. I'd really recommend it as something to get your brain thinking...even if it's only so you want to learn the arguments that may need to be countered in the debate.

It had been a really good day, and I was glad of the opportunity again to see SS and hang out.

Sunday, I got up and got ready for my Stage Combat class. We've had to reschedule some of the sessions on Sundays at the Berkeley Marina because of the SNAFUs that have happened in the past couple weeks. So we had our 3 hour class out there. Unfortunately it was really warm and sunny. That combination with working out triggered a headache. It wasn't so bad at the class and I took lots of rests, but in the afternoon, after I'd stopped working out, it hit bad. I haven't had that much pain in awhile. Thank the gods for Imitrex. I took a long nap, but still felt like crap for the rest of the night.

S had e-mailed me to see how I was doing, as I'd told him I was sick on Friday. I explained about the migraines. He ended up calling me that night. He wanted to make sure that I was doing okay and if I needed anything. I was taken aback and thrilled, and after our short conversation was over, I sat and cried. A lovely end to the weekend.

Here's the good news: In 5 weeks I go to Hawaii and I have a full week off from work. That feels like a huge relief.

My mother retires at the end of this week. That's a strange feeling, I have to tell you. My mother has always worked, it seems. I know that she's looking forward to being done. I'll call her to see how she's doing and my dad to see if he's ready for her to be home all the time!

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