Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Ulcer!

Let's do the happy no ulcer dance.

The endoscopy was really nothing to be worried about. The nice nurse had me take off my clothes from the waist up and put on a hospital gown. The found a nice gurney for me to lay on.

My first ever IV was relatively painless and they found my vein easily, then I just lay around until we went into the procedure room. It was a bit dark in there, but I didn't care. The hooked me up to monitors, then fed the anesthesia into the IV and I had a nice nap.

I dreamt that there was something going down my throat and it wasn't terribly comfortable (or that's how I experienced it), then it was coming out and soon I was waking up in the recovery area.

I was a little groggy last night but that passed...and my throat hurt a bit when I was going to bed, but that seems to have passed, as well.

But I have a good looking stomach. There were a few red spots that he did a biopsy on, but no ulcer.

B is over this weekend. After I see a client this morning, we'll be hanging out until she has to go to her wedding. I've missed her.


Planet Me said...

Endoscopy is something close to my heart these days - it takes up a lot of my time at work.

h said...

Yay no ulcer - woo hoo! When do u find out about your gall bladder? Say hi to B for me :)

Cody Bones said...

"Let's do the happy no ulcer dance."

Is that the one where I lead with my left foot?

Congrats, I'm glad your OK

Anonymous said...

Yay, no ulcer! So happy to hear the news!

Hope you have a lovely weekend m'dear.

xo skb